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Believers' Immersion Page

The Largest Collection of Significant
Believers' Baptism Links on the Internet!


The Questions and Answers will follow directly after these introductory words; they are followed by an e-mail form that you may use to enter your name, e-mail address, subject heading, and question.

I will do what I can to answer all questions posted to me. Questions will be referenced on this page by a simple title that is hyper-linked to the full question and my response. Your name will appear next to the hyperlinked title of your request on this page, and after your question on the page where I answer it. You may suggest the title for the question (use the subject line of the provided form), but I may opt for another title if it seems appropriate to me.

If there are errors in your spelling or grammar, and if I catch them, I will correct them to reflect what it is that I think you are saying (please let me know if I have mistaken your meaning). Letters with perfect grammar and spelling may be edited (again, to reflect what I think you are asking) for the purpose of clarity.

Now for the Questions & Answers:


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