Photos of Traditions Observed in Ribeira Principal

Preparations for my neighbor's wedding.

grinding corn
Grinding corn for the wedding. The poem below was inspired by watching these very women grind corn on this particular day.

(written by Anne Egger, MFA creative writing, UNM, following her trip to CV in 2002)

Corn grind pole thrust
woman is her body,
three mothers, arms, waist
thrown into a rhythm

Pound triplets
pound triplets
make echo
through valley

One sets pole aside
ties her panu's ends
they think, "must keep
baby good and tight"

Pound triplets
Pound triplets
baby sleeps,
mama works

Basket sift shake flour
flung in yellow heaps,
whole kernels back to
the beat picks up again

traditional dance
When my best-friend Anne visited, I organized my villagers to throw her a small dance and drumming party in the traditional call and response style.Without real drums, we improvised with anything laying around.

Anne and I threw a small party for the drummer and dancers afterwards, which involved juice and popcorn.

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