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I am currently living in Manhattan while completing the one-year intensive Fashion Design AAS program at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). If you have been accepted as a volunteer to Cape Verde, or if you are considering PC Service, feel free to email me. I can connect you with volunteers to Cape Verde who served in the past few years, thus they have a fresher perspective on what you will need to expect.

During my own Peace Corps service from 2001-03, I was permanently placed in a rural village located in a river valley on the island of Santiago. I was one of 2 volunteers (40 total volunteers in-country) who were Peace Corps Cape Verde's experiment to see how their new rural community development program would work. My house had no running water or electricity, which made for romantic nights by candlelight with my cats and cockroaches! I worked in conjunction with 3 agricultural associations and their villages to increase income generation and sustainable development programs in their communities.

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