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Photos of Kindergarden Graudation (July 2002)

This is one of my three bosses, a female president of the GonGon agricultural association alongside her daughter who that day graduated from pre-school. She helped in cooking for the huge feast following the graduation ceremony.

A woman (mother of 6) from my cluster of houses is only about 40 years old. Her youngest son is 7 years old, but you could never guess by her aged face from the African sun. She is wearing typical gold jewelry from Portugal that shows her family wealth. Her earrings would typically cost around $500. U.S.

These are many of the kindergarden mothers cooking a large 100 person meal out in the fields next to the community center for the guests at the graduation ceremony. They are rolling balls of moist, ground corn meal in their hands, then dropping it into the boiling water of meat and potato stew. This is also the photo I used to paint the mural on the front of the community center (see 'Small Projects' link in the Photo Gallery).

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