Photos of Boa Vista Island (June 2002)

Amy and I are having a heated debate, hence why I am so flustered. Amy is an English teacher on Boa Vista island at the local high school. She happens to be the only volunteer placed on this island, and that is the way she would like to keep it!

A puppy on Amy's roof that I couldn't let my hands off of for a minute.

The most beautiful beach I have ever seen and enjoyed and in my life, so far.

sand dunes
The Viana Desert is a mini-Sahara in the interior of Boa Vista. Anne and I visited it during our day-long desert tour (just the two of us with a guide). I suggested that I music video with a Cape Verdean artist should be filmed here!

on the beach
While I was on Boa Vista Island a second time for the Girls Life Skills Camp in August 2002, I did the same tour again to various beaches along with 2 fellow volunteers and a Cape Verdean friend. This particular photo is of Santa Monica beach, which is desolate and stretches for about 10 miles.

boa vista camp
This photo is of my two boyfriends and me (joking). I actually buried Julinho (Cape Verdean, on left) and Dave (Cape Verdean-American, Peace Corps volunteer on right) in the sand, at their request (Sure Elektra, sure!).

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