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Welcome to the Mini Reef Website

Cycled in 33 days 


This site will help us all in many different ways (including myself).  From the beginner to the expert, you can get some valuable information from here.  This page will be updated daily at noon to give the public what they need.  If you have anything to add, correct, etc.  Then e-mail me and I will fix it right away.

Picture of the day:   06/13/01

Great 10 gal reef tank!  Yep, its possible.  This is what I may do when I get the hang of  a 25 gal. reef.If you want to see more go to    Send me your pictures zipped and I will put them on here, with credit and your website (if applicable).


Tank Updates:

13 June 2001 9:10pm-  Sorry about the lack of updates.  This class is killing me.  I will be back up and running on Monday!  Thats a promise!  Plus, a lot has happened.  Talk to all of you later.

07 June 2001 12:45pm-  I will add new pics of the tank today.  I need to pick up some batteries.  Expect them by 4:00.  See ya.

07 June 2001 11:30am-  The tank is now fully cycled.  The false reading for ammonia I was getting was due to the test kit.  I took my water to two different fish stores and they tested everything!  They said the water was perfect.  So I bought a new ammonia test kit and tested it again.  It was zero.  Hence, I bought my first soft coral as well.  They are brown star polyps and seem to be doing great!  I also bought a poly filter as well.  I just want to make sure everything is ok (the poly filter goes in you filter system.  After about a week you can tell if there is anything in you water by the color of the poly filter).  I am going to give it one more week before  I add any cleaner snails.  

04 June 2001 9:45pm-  Well the readings are still a a little high.  I am not sure if it is the tester or that it is a true reading.  I am going to buy some cultured bacteria tomorrow hope that that works.  I will also add a new pic of the tank and its inhabitants.  Lets hope we can get this tank cycled.  By the way if anyone out there has any ideas as to why this tank is taking so long, e-mail me and I will put it is the "Tank Updates" with all the deserved credit.

31 May 2001 11:25am-  A lot has happened since the 24th!  First of the tank is staying steady at just above the measures I am looking for.  Since the 24th I have added two small hermits (got rid of the big guy!  Found out he would eat polyps!).  Got a Strawberry  Gramma as another starter fish.  I have to bring back the Jawfish.  He wont eat a thing and I don't want him to die!  And finally the Blenny is doing great!  

The brown algae came and know has gone.  It is quite amazing how quickly it disappeared!

23 May 2001 11:15am-  Boy that was rough, I have never had to read that much in a night.  Anyway just checked all my reading and they are still not stable.  I added 1/4 teaspoon of bacteria to the tank yesterday.  I am hoping that helps.  I had to return the Jaw Fish because he wouldn't eat.  To bad, I liked the little guy.  Below are the new reading with pictures.  I think we need about another week before the cleaning crew.  Diatoms are slowing down drastically.  The rocks are starting to clear up a lot to.

ni.jpg (19695 bytes)nitra.jpg (17259 bytes)ph-am.jpg (32636 bytes)phos-sal.jpg (28178 bytes)

21 May 2001 10:40pm-  Sorry about the lack of updates the last two days.  I am taking a summer class at my college and I have just been BOMBED!  I have to read 15 chapters in the stupid text book!  I will update again on Wednesday at 12:00.  Right now I have to read.  Until then...  good day.

19 May 2001 11:25am-  Checked all my reading and they seem to be perfect.  They are as follows:

  • pH is stable at 8.3
  • Ammonia, Nitrites are stable at 0 ppm
  • Nitrates are stable at < 2 ppm
  • Phosphates are stable at < 0.2 ppm
  • Hardness ranges from 8 dKH to 12 dKH
  • Calcium ranges from 420 ppm
  • Temperature stable at 75 deg. F

Make sure that your tank is like this before you get any type of live stock (except the cyclers).  Know so you don't worry to much, that brown gunk that you see all over you rock and tank glass is normal.  It will disappear soon to a nice green algae.  All you need to do is wipe off the glass.  We are still going to wait about another week before we start entering and cleaning crew.  The reason for this is we want to make sure everything is stable.  When we do enter stuff it will be slow and small.  This way we can monitor any changes in water chemistry. 

18 May 2001 10:00am- Ammonia is dropped to nothing so I did a 25% water change with 2 day old mixed saltwater.  Lets hope I wasn't to anxious to do it.  The hermit crab is doing GREAT!  I am very surprised how much he eats.  I also picked up a Jaw Fish as another cycling animal.  I hope he makes it.   I also changed the rock arrangement a little.  Better cleaning ability.  Anyway here are some pics of them. 

StrawberryHermit.jpg (59344 bytes) jawfish.jpg (43540 bytes) Tank2.jpg (75987 bytes)

17 May 2001 4:00pm-  Picked up a strawberry hermit crab and a jaw fish goby today.  I am hoping they will withstand the last few days of our cycle.  I will give you the pics tomorrow.  

16 May 2001 9:45 am-  Checked the ammonia this morning.  It is still in the same place.  So it looks like its going to be another day or two.  The detritus is really getting in there know.  

Detritis.JPG (348162 bytes)

15 May 2001 9:15 am-  Checked the Ammonia level this morning, looks almost there.  I think I will give it one more day.  All My other readings are good as well.  I I am finally getting some green algae on the rocks.  Plus I have a big old worm living underneath one.  Were getting close boys and girls.  Here are the results I am looking for.

  • pH is stable at 8.3
  • Ammonia, Nitrites are stable at 0 ppm
  • Nitrates are stable at < 5 ppm
  • Phosphates are stable at < 0.5 ppm
  • Hardness ranges from 8 dKH to 12 dKH
  • Calcium ranges from 375-420 ppm
  • Temperature stable at 75 deg. F

algeabloom.jpg (69627 bytes) amtest.jpg (33165 bytes) 

14 May 2001 4:00 pm-  Changed my heater to a diagonal look.  I was reading that you will get a better heat distribution this way.  Personally I don't think it matters.  Next, I was just wondering...  should I put out some more live rock in there?  Give me some suggestions out there.  Last but not least.  Ammonia is down to practically nothing.  Another couple days and we are ready to move on.  

13 May 2001 10:50 am-  Well, just tested my water for ammonia.  Its still a little up there.  I will test it again tomorrow.  I can see some brown algae starting to grow on the glass...  good sign.  Talk to ya tomorrow.

03 may to 13 may-let tank cycle checking only salinity and temp.  Toped off water level.

02 may-  Temp 76 degrees.  Salinity same.  Added about 30 pounds of live sand.  Added about 30 pounds of live rock.  Filled tank to level mark (wood bottom).

01 may-  Filled tank with 20 gallons of "Reef Crystals" saltwater.  Salinity is at 1.023.


WebSite Updates:

19 May 2001 11:25 am-  Hello

17 May 2001 4:00 pm-  Sorry about the late update.  Changed the look a little bit.  Hope you like it.

16 May 2001 9:45 am-  Add more to the "Setup for Cycling section.  The rest should be done today or tomorrow.