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How to Start Playing Goalball

You want to start playing Goalball? That's great!

First and foremost, we recommend that you join our USA Goalball Discussion list, to talk with others who may be in your area, already playing. This way, you can start learning more and asking questions right away.

If there is a Goalball team/program in your area already, they may have some equipment, such as elbow and knee pads and goggles, for you to wear. So you can begin playing right away.

Some players who have been playing Goalball for awhile choose to use their own pads. They have gone to sporting goods stores and bought their own equipment, such as the necessities: elbow pads, knee pads, and goggles. Sometimes they also get extra equipment and padding like hockey-goalie hip pads, fingerless gloves, cycling-style helmets, etc.

The extra equipment is your choice, though. Once you play a couple of games of Goalball, you might decide you'd like something more than the elbow and knee pads. But in the beginning, the necessities are a pair of elbow pads, a pair of knee pads, and a pair of goggles.

Some experienced players have gone and purchased their own Goalballs, to practice their throws more frequently than at the scheduled games in their area. Some players practice rolling/throwing the Goalball up their driveway, or back and forth between family members or friends they practice with.

You can also purchase your own Goalball, but it is not necessary. The cost of an official Goalball, at over $100.00, is a bit prohibitive to many, but if you think you want one of your own, you can purchase a Goalball through the U.S. Association of Blind Athletes (USABA).

If there is no Goalball being played in your area, you can choose to take it upon yourself to organize some teams and games. if that is an option, you should read our page on How To Start A Goalball Team.

If there is not yet any Goalball in your area, and starting a team or program is not an option that you want to consider right now, you can also look for a regional program somewhere around you. You can get there schedule of practices and games, and coordinate with them to play on their team and in their scheduled events.

This last choice will require you to travel to their location to play, but most Goalball athletes who have played before understand that the benefits to you, both mentally and physically, are worth it. Goalball is a great sport and many would go to extremes to continue to play and improve their skills.


So, there are your best options to start playing Goalball...

  • You can join the USA Goalball Discussion List to network and learn...
  • You can check out our Goalball Resources page to see if there is already a Goalball program in your area that you can join...
  • If you want your own equipment rather than using what an established team might have there for you already, you'd need at least a pair of knee pads, a pair of elbow pads, and a pair of goggles/eyeshades...
  • If you choose to purchase your own Goalball, to practice with on your own time, you can do so through USABA, at the link given above...
  • If there is no Goalball team or program in your area, you can choose to start one yourself. If you choose this option, please read the "How To Start A Team" link above...
  • If there is no Goalball currently in your local area, and starting a team is not an option you'd consider, then you can travel to regional programs around you to play with their team/program. Again, check out our Goalball Resources page, and join the USA Goalball Discussion List, to see what (and who) there is in and around your area, if this is your choice.

No matter what you choose, we hope to talk with you on the USA Goalball Discussion List. Come on in, if you haven't joined already! It's full of all kinds of people, all with the same interest... Goalball in the USA.



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