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"Lack of Sight
Does Not Equal
Lack of Talent,
Dreams, or Desire."


About the
"USA Goalball Web Site"


This Web Site is all about the sport of Goalball in the USA.

It is not a site specifically for the U.S. Men's or Women's Goalball Team(s). There has been some confusion in the past, so that should be cleared up right from the start.

This site is dedicated, plain and simple, to the growth and promotion of the Paralympic sport known as "Goalball." This Web Site is a not-for-profit effort developed simply to help the sport grow.

This site covers all aspects of this highly competitive sport pertaining to the United States of America. Within these Web pages, it's all about Goalball, here in the USA.

On this site you can find listings of teams and programs all across the U.S., and there might even be some Goalball teams in your community right now.

The USA Goalball Web Site all started from a list. The USA Goalball Discussion List. It has members from all over the world, but it's main focus is on the United States.

On the USA-Goalball e-mail discussion list, you can talk with beginners just learning the game of Goalball, as well as coaches and referees, all the way up to some of the elite players of the world, members of the U.S. Goalball Teams and Paralympic Goalball athletes.

Join the list and come and learn, or schmooze, or even do some good-natured trash-talking, as some of us seem to love to do now and then. It's a great list, full of Goalball athletes and enthusiasts from all around the country.

The USA Goalball discussion list was started just for this purpose. To network and learn from each other, and to help the sport grow. The Web Site soon followed, to help in the growth and education process.

On this site, you can learn what you need to know--and meet many people who you will benefit from knowing--in order to start your own team or Goalball program in your community. You can find out what you need to know to start playing, even if there is no team in your area... yet.

You can find resources to buy equipment online. You can find possible Goalball funding resources, as well as Public Relations (PR) and Fundraising help and resources. You can also sign-up to be a volunteer with a team in your area, through our Volunteer Center.

It's all here for you, to help you learn whatever you need or want to know, about Goalball, and the sport of Goalball in the USA.

So come on in, and if you're not already a member, come on and join the USA-Goalball Discussion List now!



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