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                                                                   Richfield Cemetery
          a.k.a. Fish Cemetery
                                             Located on Cottonville Ave. East of
                                           County Trunk G in Richfield Township.
                                                         Sect 1, SE1/4SW1/4
                                             Richfield, Adams County, Wisconsin


                                                      You Are Welcome To Use Any of the
                                    photos on this site for your personal use.
Note: Not to be copied or reproduced in any
                                    manner, such as CD's or Books for the purpose
                                    of profit.
                                    These photos are the property of
                                    Willes (Sonny) & Sally Traver.
                                    We Hope that this virtual cemetery will aid you
                                     in your search for family in  Adams County,

                                                               "Our Goal"

                                    To give back to others for all the kindness that
                                    has been shown to us as we have been searching
                                    for our families in Our Family Tree.
                                    We have tried our best to record without any
                                     errors. But of course, as we have discovered we
                                     are human and we ask that you contact us if
                                     you should find something we recorded in error
                                     or if you would like to add anything to the
                                     site. Well enough of this, lets get to the reason
                                     you came to visit this site.
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                                      Again We apologize for any errors we may
                                       have made. We encourage you to email us
                                          with any corrections or comments.

                                                                   are the