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A Virtual Tour of
St. Methodius Church Cemetery
 Also known as Pilot Knob Cemetery
Located in Section 10, SE1/4NW1/4.
  Located on 3rd Court, 8 1/2 miles east of Hwy 13.
Adams County, Wisconsin

This is a beautiful little cemetery! So tranquil & peaceful!


              For Some Added Landscape Photos of the Cemetery
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          OTHER VIEWS

          All Photographs recorded
              Willes J (Sonny) & Sally Traver
           July "2001"

No Portion of this Website, 
               Information or Photographs 
             can be used for profit!!!

Not to be used in any other website, cd, book, collection, etc.
You are most welcome 
    to use any photo or information for personal 
           use for your family tree. Not for commercial use!

                         All Photos are the property of Willes and Sally Traver 
                            We Hope That You Find The Family Members You Are Searching For!
This is a beautiful little cemetery! So tranquil & peaceful!
           We have done our best to record. We hope that this
              will help someone to locate that lost family member in
                     Adams County, Wisconsin. Click on Next for Index
& photos of people buried in this cemetery.


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