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                                                                   To Our
                                          Adams County, Wisconsin Web page!
                                        This Site is dedicated to my ancestors who
                                        chose Adams County, Wisconsin of all the
                                        places in the U.S. to settle! They came
                                        as early as the 1850's.
                                       On this site we hope to try to help others
                                       on their search for family in Adams Co.
                                       We have assembled some of the resources
                                       that we have gathered along the way.
                                      We hope that it will make the searching for
                                       family a little easier.
                                      We have some cemeteries we will list at
                                       first, but will also include other tidbits
                                       that we have acquired along the way
                                      while looking for our family. 
                                      Please check back and watch us grow.

                                      Well lets get back to the real reason you
                                       are visiting this site. INFORMATION...
                                            See the following Links on our site

                                               Some Other Important Links
                                                       Adams Co. Gen Web
                                                      Adams Co. Gen Forum
                                                       Adams Co. Historical Societies


                                                           Coming Soon...
                                        Some of the surnames we are chasing!
                                            Are You Connected in Some Way?
                                                  Let Us Hear From You..
                                          Please Come Back...More to Come...
If You Have Any Questions

                                                        Want to Thank
                                                       Northern Dreams
                                                 For Sharing Their Talent!

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