Clints Behind

It all started w/ the pots, pans, and chop stick's, like any other drummer, but here’s were it actually started. In middle school, gig’s like the school talent shows became a regular on Clints agenda, and he also became part of the school jazz band, which is the only formal training Clint has ever really received for better or for worse. High School is where he really started to grow, being introduced to a large community of musicians by good friend James Michael and finding a common ground within many improvisational groups. It seemed to be the beginning of the end until two summers later when he would be introduced to a new part of his life.

After a year at school in Kalamazoo, MI, he found himself at home for the summer sustaining his abilities until he received couple calls, requesting his presence on the recording of two demos. Off he went for about four weeks of his summer, playing out and having a great time amongst some talented players, but the following December back in the Zoo, he received a call from Nadz requesting his presence on the drums down in Atlanta. Well why not, so after that semester he packed his things and headed south to Hot Lanta.

There he found himself amongst a bit of confusion. The front man had his head with his girlfriend, there wasn’t a lot of organization, along with a lot of mixed feelings between band members. Some the problems were mended, but after about four months in Atl, on a ride home from a gig in Bloomington IN, Nadz and Clint were in a serious car accident that almost proved to be fatal for Clint.

Back at home Clint has made a steady recovery since the accident and has been playing on and off again with several groups and over at Macs house “yeah”. Since being asked to join Bump he has had a great time making music with the guy’s! “Long Live Yorg"

the Drum Kit

Bass Shells:

20"x18" Vintage Polaris

22"x18" Yamaha Maple Custom which stay's home

Snare Drums:

14"x5" Ludwig Concert Snare

10"x5" Pork Pie

13"x2.5" Remo stay's home

Tom Shells:

Yamaha Maple Custom:

10"x10", 14"x14"

the 8" & 12" toms stay home



20" A Custom Ping Ride

21 K Constinople Lght Ride

15" & 16" A Custom Crash

10" A Cust. Splash

13" K Z Hi Hats every so often


14" AAX Hi Hats


Tama Hi Hat~thanx Eli

Tama Iron Cobra Bass Pedal

Various Yamaha, Gibralter, and DW symbal stands

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