5/8/02 More Fun w/ Our West Coast Friends

Our first time playing Club Soda was a good. The venue itself is prime, one that we hope to get the chance to play more often, we just gotta be able to fill it.

We just want to thank all who came out and had a great time w/ us especially Job and Billy of Domestic Problems. As usuall, they were out and sounding Great. Thanks for making us sound that much better!

3/29/02 Good Vibes Felt By All

First off, we would like to thank the fellows on Park St. and anyone else whom I've forgotten, for letting us stay at their Place and Party Down, we had a great time ya'll.

Second, we want to thank all of you who were able to come out and enjoy what we consider to be one of our best performances to date. The Beer was flowing and the Tunes seamed to get the crowd going!

In all, we had an amazing time and we hope to have many more here. Hope to see ya then!

3/27/02 Not A Typical Wednesday Night @ Rick's w/ Special Guest Job Grotsky of Domestic Problems on Saxamaphone

In all sincerity, I didn't think that this was going to be a big night for us like in the past. At about 2 in the afternoon i recieved a phone call from Job saying that he was going to be in E.L., so I invited him to come on out and toot his Sax w/ us. I knew that we were going to have at least our close friends at the show and i wanted to give them a taste of what they had missed a week earlier in Grand Rapids @ Billy's. When we went on for first set there were not a lot of people in the house and i figured it was just going to be a typical night until about a quarter of the way through second set when the place just seemed to blow up. So we called our friend Job up for a couple of tunes and he just blew the place up! To my dismay, at our second set break, they had to call in another bartender to open up the bar on our side and our third set was Rockin'! The crowd really got into it and a great time was had by all.

We want to thank all of our friends who came out on a not so good night at Rick's and showed support for us. Your all the greatest and we really appreciate it, and to the boys of DP for showing such an intrest in our Music. Thanks Job and Billy, your welcome onstage w/ us anytime. You guy's Rock!-Clint

3/22/02 Thanks to Cassie and Doe Lee

I want to personally thank Cassie and Doe for presenting Nadz and myself w/ such a great cake. I love you both and I will alway's remember this one.

I don't think anyone but myself ate any of the cake if you know what I mean. oh yeah, thanks for cleaning the mess V.I.

-w/ much love Clint

3/21/02 Special Guests @ Billy's and New Friends of Domestic Problems

We just want to extend huge props to our new friends Saxaphone player Job Grotsky and Trumpet player Bill Kenny of Domestic Problems and thank them for sitting in and showing us DP Good Time up onstage. We really want to thank the two of you guy's for such a great time and big thanks for the shots to Nadz and Clint for their B-Day.

3/6/02 For Those Who Came Out!

On a serious note, we just wanted to thank those of you who were able to come out and support us at Stooges. We really appreciate all of you for coming out :) next time we play out there, you all get in free, and what the hell bring a friend on us. thanx so much. bump

Yorg is currently planning his next move: to be everyone's favorite singer/songwriter. With sights and sounds somewhere in between Yanni, Johnny "Couger" Mellancamp and Ricky Martin, on paper he would be "the greatest thing ever in the history of the world". However, Chris and Nadz will insist on producing him, hire Pat, thus making it a Bump album

Clint is going off to persue a career in L.A. as an adult-film star, going by the pseudo-name "Super Cliff". Pictures of Super Cliff alongside friends at the East Lansing opening of this film will be available to all soon.

As usual, Nadz has decided to do nothing.

Chris was last seen wandering along an abandoned railroad track, clutching his copy of "The Dharma Bums".

Pat can be found in his room on the third floor of his mansion having a "Rick Lowe-Chill" with his trusty piece, watching "Brent & Vince's Greatest Hits". Please knock before entering.

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