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Blue Rodeo: Astrology

The views presented on this page are not my views. They are the views of the books mentioned in the bibliography.

Jim Cuddy
December 2nd, 1955

The Zodiac

The Archer
November 22 - December 21.

Planet: Jupiter.
Personality: Enthusiastic, optimistic, open, independent, warm, friendly, sociable, adventurous, excitable, open-minded, easy-going, lucky, idealistic, sincere, positive, tactless, impulsive, untidy, unpunctual.
Element: Fire.
Lucky Number: Nine.
Lucky Day: Thursday.
Color: Purple.
Flower: Narcissus.

Vedic (Hindu) Astrolgy

Sagittarius - Dhanus

SYMBOL: An archer who is half man and half horse.
KEY CONCEPT: Striving for freedom and fairness. Focus is on justice.

  • Ninth sign of the natural zodiac. Transfers its influence, and that of its ruling planet Jupiter, to the interpretation of the ninth house of a chart.
  • Favorable: Aspiring, idealistic, loves sports, courageous, smiles a lot, self-confident, vigorous, thinks and speaks and acts as they desire, loves truth, needs to be told the reason behind things, ethical, humanitarian concerns, benefits from constant mental and physical simulation.
  • Unfavorable: Religious fanatic, pushy, greedy, delays starting, lacks tact, needs to be moderate, doesn't like to take orders, doesn't like to sit in one place and work, needs frequent changes, needs a free hand, quick tempered; maturity comes later in life.

    Greg Keelor
    August 29th

    The Zodiac

    The Virgin
    August 23 - September 22.

    Planet: Mercury.
    Personality: Logical, realistic, practical, faithful, wise, perceptive, analytical, tactful, discreet, orderly, clean, neat, tidy, loyal, industrious, fussy, house-proud, perfectionist, hypercritical, wry, hard-working, achievement-motivated.
    Element: Earth.
    Color: Dark blue, red-brown.
    Flower: Anemone.
    Stone: Sardonyx.
    Lucky Number: Five.
    Lucky Day: Wednesday.

    Vedic (Hindu) Astrology

    Virgo - Kanya

    SYMBOL: A young girl in a boat with a bundle of corn in one hand and a torch in the other.
    KEY CONCEPT: Perfection through purifying. Focus is on serving.

  • Sixth sign of the natural zodiac. Transfers its influence, and that of its ruling planet Mercury, to the sixth house of a chart.
  • Favorable: Analytical, oriented to serving, studious, high standards, purifies and improves things to their ideal state, sensitive, reserved, commercial instinct, detailed, methodical, prudent, hard worker, tidy; skilled in letters, numbers, and measuring; intelligent but in a narrow or focused sense.
  • Unfavorable Emotionally uninvolved, overreaching, sets expectations too high, worried, frustated, depressed, skeptical, doesn't believe there is any slack, fault-finding, boring, interferes with other' processes, lonely, monastic, lack of self-promotion.

    Bazil Donovan
    April 29th

    The Zodiac

    The Bull
    April 20 - May 20.

    Planet: Venus.
    Personality: Hard-working, charming, sensible, practical, patient, affectionate, emotionally stable, loyal, needy of material comforts, sensual, plodding, reliable, artistic, musical, stubborn, self-indulgent, possessive, resentful, greedy, materialistic.
    Element: Earth.
    Color: Pastel shades of green and blue.
    Flower: Carnation.
    Stone: Emerald.
    Lucky Number: Six.
    Lucky Day: Friday.

    Vedic (Hindu) Astrology

    Taurus Rising - Vrishabha Lagna

    SYMBOL: A Bull.
    KEY CONCEPT: Keeping things stable. Focus is on possessing.

  • Second sign of the natural zodiac. Transfers its influence, and that of its ruling planet Venus, to the interpretation of the second house of a chart.
  • Favorable: Productive, earthy, fixed, skilled at business, harmonious, has endurance, thorough, materialistic, tenacious, patient, hard to provoke, steady, conservative, strong willed, acts deliberately, can concentrate, loves money and food, affectionate, cheerful, ambitious, loyal and true, charming.
  • Unfavorable: Stubborn, inflexible, bound by routines, little originality, boring, greedy, selfish, uncompromising, lazy, self-indulgent, difficult to understand, reluctant, reactionary, ultraconservative, bigoted, intolerant, possessive, jealous, overaccumulates.


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