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Blue Rodeo: Awards

From left: Kim Deschamps, Glenn Milchem, Greg Keelor, Bazil Donovan & Jim Cuddy

CASBYS (Formerly the U-Knows)

Album Artwork:

Best Video:


Favourite Songwriters:



Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Award Winners:

Vista (Rising Star):

East Coast Music Association Awards

Going Down the Road:

Native Human Award:

Juno Award Winners

Best Album Design:

Best Video of the Year:

Group of the Year:

Male Vocalist of the Year:

Single of the Year:

MuchMusic Video Awards

Best Cinematography:

Best Music Video:

Best Music Video Director:

RPM Big Country Awards

Best Country Single:

Outstanding New Artist(s):

Top Country Composer(s):

Top Group:

SOCAN Awards
(Society of Canadian Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada)

Country Music Awards:

Pop Music Awards:

Toronto Music Awards

Best Toronto Country Group/Artist:

Best Toronto Group/Artist (International Success):

Best Toronto Group/Artist (Local Success):

Best Toronto Male Vocalist:

Labatt's Blue Harmony Award:

Toronto Sun's Cutting Edge Award/Career Achievement:

All information gathered was taken from the Music Directory Canada (MDC), Seventh Edition, published in 1997 by Norris-Whitney Communications Inc.

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Note: picture taken from Jeni's The Outskirt's Page. Used with Permission.