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Doom Tree Family

Alan and Ann are aliens from a distant planet on a quest to save their Doom Tree (their source of life and energy). They disguise themselves as humans and enroll at Crossroads Junior High School (as brother and sister from France). Alan uses his flute and deck of cards to summon very powerful servants known as cardians.

Alan Granger (Seijuurou Ginga) is enrolled in grade 10 and is admired by many female students (including Lita). He is much more tolerant than Ann, and seems more devoted to their mission (finding energy for their Doom Tree). Alan becomes infatuated with Serena, but does not want to hurt Ann. He is compassionate, generous and hospitable, and usually allows Ann to have her way. He appreciates the beauty of nature but cannot understand humans' attachment to their offspring. Alan also displays a passionate, poetic, romantic side, but can be cunning and conniving, and rivals with Darien. Alan seems to understand the concept of love better than Ann; he decides that destroying love is wrong and asks Ann to spare Darien and Sailor Moon during the final battle. He is overwhemled with grief when the Doom Tree kills Ann, but his grief turns to joy when she is brought back to life. Alan is Ann's best friend, protector, and true love.

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Ann Granger (Natsumi Ginga) is enrolled in grade 9 in Serena's class. She seems to resent humans more than Alan, and is very vocal about her feelings toward them. She becomes infatuated with Darien, and does not want to see him harmed until their final confrontation when he expresses his love for Sailor Moon. Ann is extremely insolent to authority figures, jealous, persistent, and often annoying. She is also bitter, vengeful, antagonistic, and as an extremely low patience and tolerance. Her strengths include bravery, a sharp wit, and a fondness for romance. She is killed by the Doom Tree when she stands before Alan to protect him from the attack, and in the moments before her death, she finally understands her love for Alan. After the Doom Tree is purged of all it's negative energy, Ann's life is restored.

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