Week 1, Project

How Do We Use Magnets Everyday?

Duration: 20 minutes
Content Focus: Science
Description Students will solidify and demonstrate their knowledge of magnets by discussing how magnets are used in everyday life.
Goal To expose students to the roles magnets play in our everyday life.
Objectives Students will...
  • discuss ways magnets are used in everyday life.
  • find two objects at home that utilize magnets. (Homework)
Standards Indiana Academic Standards

3.1.4 Discuss the results of investigations and consider the explanations of others.
4.1.8 Recognize and explain that any invention may lead to other inventions.

Materials & Preparation Journal, pencil, chart paper, objects (or pictures of objects) that utilize magnetism: refrigerator magnets, can opener, computer diskettes, cassette recorder and tape, speakers, VCR and VCR tape, clothes dryer, refrigerator, etc.
Grouping Individual participation in group discussion, individual homework
  1. Students gather together in a group. Teacher begins discussion. "We have learned a lot about magnetism. What can you tell me that you have learned? Teacher writes on a chart paper headed with 'What we have learned about magnets.'"After completing, discuss with students the similarities and differences of their responses then and now. Why have some theories changed? Allow students to lead the discussion and question each other.
  2. Ask students, now knowing what magnets are and what they attract, to brainstorm (on chart paper) ways we use magnets every day. Allow all thoughts to be put on paper.
  3. Now show students items or pictures (can opener, diskettes, etc.). As you display each item, ask students to predict whether or not that item utilizes magnetism to work.
  4. After all items have been displayed, point out that all these objects use magnetism in one way or another.
  5. Students write and draw in journals, explaining ways in which magnets are used every day.
  6. Students are directed to take home journals and find at least two more ways they use magnets at home.
Assessment Did the students...
  • discuss ways magnets are used in everyday life?
  • find two objects at home that utilize magnets?(Homework)
Extensions N/A
Special Needs Adaptations Ask different types of questions for students of different abilities. For example, for a high-ability student, ask questions that require inferences and analyzing. For lower-ability students, ask questions with clear answers.

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