Trèggin Sci

Trèggin Sci

You aproach the mighty Trèggin Sci. It is a huge military base. From the middle is a huge thirty story tower. Surrounding it, is a castle-like structure. It is beautifully crafted yet sends a chill down your spine, it has an overpowering nature to it. As if its protected by magic incomprehensible. It has also been heavilly gaurded by the Royal Guards. Nothing can get in. Some say, that if you do get in, you can never come out.

This is where Evermore's once great Evermore Tower was. It was a lovely sight. But since then, it has been destroyed and this house of evil was put in its place. This is the mind of Evermore, it controls everything. It has strange magical tentacles that have spread across all of Evermore, taking the land and homes to many. This is Trèggin Sci.

Citizens (Closed)


Torture Chamber


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