As you take a turn, you reach the ration distribution area. There are at least a dozen Royal Guards, watching a huge machine. There's a great line up of people. The machine blips and beeps, a guard presses a button and a pile of food and water drops into two bowls. Each of these bowls is given to the next person in line. The person drools as he looks at it and quickly leaves with it, greedily hiding it from the others in line.

It is a sickening sight. Edwin is controlling Evermorians by rationing out all food and water. After he destroyed the land and poisoned the water supply, Edwin is the only one left with any good food and water. You realize that he'd probably cut off the supplying of the food and water if anyone tried fighting against him. It is sick and twisted, ingenius, but still sickening.

The next hungry Evermorian quickly grabs his rations and dashes off, the Royal Guards chuckling to themselves.

Depending on how well the Evermorians behave themselves, Edwin will increase or decrease the rations. These are the levels of rations that can be given out.
None - Bare Bones - Meager - Less Than Satisfaction - Basic - Better Than Satisfaction - Pretty Good - Filling

Current Rations: Filling