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Sentosa Island
Chinese Garden
Jurong Bird Park




We went to Singapore from KL by train. We got into it at 10.5 pm and reached the border at around 6 am. As a tourist, I did not found it much different from KL : a garden city at first glance.

    Singapore is a small island about 20x30Km. Its population is around 4 million consisting of Chinese 77%, Malay 14% and  Indian 8%. It is blessed with a highly developed and successful free-market economy, a remarkably open and corruption-free business environment, stable prices, and the fifth highest per capita GDP in the world. Exports, particularly in electronics and chemicals, and services are the main drivers of the economy and amount to more than $110 billion a year!

    There are many attractive places to visit (specially Sentosa Island), more than KL, that you need at least 4 days to take look at them all.

Facts About Singapore

Singapore Attractions


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