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I had a 3 day trip to Hamedan with my wife on 10/6/2001. Hamedan is located in west-central Iran ,400 km south west of Tehran, at the northeastern foot of Mount Alvand (3,571 m). At an elevation of 1,877 m, the city dominates the wide, fertile plain of the upper Qareh Su River.

Hamadan is one of the oldest cities of not only Iran but of the world. History of Hamedan  dates back to several centuries before Christ. At the Media era, the dawn of Iranian history, the city was called Hegmataaneh. In Greek documents, however, the city was named Ekbatan. Herodotus, the father of history, said: “ Ekbatan used to be the first capital city of Median kings” (6th century B.C.). The poet Ferdowsi says that Ecbatana was build by King Jamshid. The city is even mentioned in the Bible (Ezra 6:2).

Little remains now of the splendor that once characterized the ancient city, the palaces and fantastic treasures. While lacking antique vestiges, Hamadan, has several monuments worthy of interest.

bulletAvicenna square - The tomb of the great Iranian scientist Avicenna (world famous scientist, philosphor, physician and mathematician, 13th century A.D.) , is in Hamadan with a building and dome built in 1954. The design of the dome is inspired by the shape of Ghabous Voshmgir Tower. There is a library with a number of manuscripts in this building.
Inside the Tomb
The Square
The Dome
bulletGanj Nameh (treasure book) - In the city's suburb, at the end of the beautiful Abbassaabad valley, there are two inscription on the rocks of Mount Alvand. One of them had been carved at the time of king Darius and the others at the time of King Khashayarsa.
inscription text
the two inscriptions
a scene around
Abbassabad Valley
bulletStone Lion - Attributed to Median period (6th-7th century B.C.) The Stony Lion or the stone lion is a big Parthian monument that was originally made like a lion. It is believed that once there was a counterpart far this monument.
riding the ancient lion!
bulletThe Alvid Dome - This is the most important Islamic monument in Hamadan. It is a square building of late Seljuk period with a masterly stucco interior. This building has a crypt containing the tombs of two members of the Alavid family.
outside view
the door front
bulletThe Tomb of Baba Taher - The tomb of the writer of many romantic couplets, Baba Taher, is in Hamadan. The  building of the great mystic's tomb has been built in a beautiful park northwest of Hamadan in recent years.
the building
a view from the park
bulletAlisadr Cave - Located 60 Km north of Hamadan, Alisadr is a vast cave that contains a lake and a labyrinth of chambers along which one can sail for tens of Kilometers. The clear water of the lake is several meters deep and the cave's walls, floor and ceiling are covered with an abundance of marvelous stalactites and stalagmites and various natural stones that have taken the shape of various animals, objects and islands. No living being lives in this cave and its waters because there is no natural light. However, there is power supply in the cave for lighting. In some of the chambers the distance between the floor and ceiling of the cave reaches 40 meters, but the average height of the cave is about 8 meters. There are boating services with guides for visitors.
boat service
a narrow chamber
Allah stone
stones like plants
a very wide chamber
a horrible stone
bulletHecmataneh Hill - Nearlly in the center of Hamadan is a hill, which includes the remains of ancient Ecbatana, it has been excavated by local archeologists in the last 15 years.
a stone coffin
archeologists workshop
the ancient city walls
bulletThe Tomb of Esther and Mordecai - These are the tombs of two Jewish people whose names appear in the Old Testament. The building is made with bricks and stone on the graves of Khashayarsha's wife (Esther) and her uncle (Mordecai). There are antique wooden boxes and manuscripts of the Old Testament inside the building.
inside the tomb
400Kg door of stone
outside view


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