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Kish Island




Kish Island is situated 18 Km south of Iran southern coast and about 300 Km away from Bandar Abbas Port. The island is almost elliptical  measuring  7 Km in width, 15 Km in length and 90 square Km in area. Its almost flat , its highest point just 45 m above sea level.

I along  with my wife & two of my relatives arrived there at the end of winter at noon on 3/6/2002 and stayed there for two days. The weather was wonderful : cool & fresh. But I wondered as I saw that there is just one real boulevard in the island with malls and motels scattered around it. Except a few places the usual scene of the island is an untouched flat land covered with a soil of coral nature shining silvery and some plants here and there.

We had booked hotel rooms from Tehran as its %30 cheaper and easier. A 2 bed room costs from 200000 Rls to 800000 Rls each night depending on the hotel, but we chose a cheap one as we had a short visit and wanted just to sleep in it at night. The most splendid hotel is Daryush which is under construction yet and after that  Shayan ( built in Shah era). Other hotels are 2 story buildings which can be best described as just motel.

A Usual Street
Daryush Hotel Entrance
The Main Boulevard

We put our luggage in the hotel and went to the best restaurant of the island : Shandiz. We had a delicious Shishlik Kabab there and enjoyed the live music performance. The players and singers were real artists. They sang songs from Ebi, Gugoosh and etc. We stayed there till the end of the show at 3:30 pm.  It cost 100000 Rls for each of us but considering the music its not too much. ( Its possible to have a good Chelokabab for 30000 Rls but without live music ofcourse.)

Live Music in Shandiz
Having Lunch in Shandiz

We went back to the hotel and an hour later rushed toward the other side of the island at 5 pm to see the beautiful Kish sunset beside the Greek Ship. Its a very fantastic scene especially when the sun is sinking in the sea.

Greek Ship Story
A Mix of Two Photos By Photoshop
Kish Sunset

Then we went for shopping at 6:30 pm. There are about 5 good malls in Kish but Pardis Mall II is the most splendid one and its architecture is comparable to the best malls which I had seen in Dubai and Malaysai KL City Centre  albeit much smaller. Though goods are a bit more expensive in Pardis II but shopping is very enjoyable there. On the whole house ware, clothing and cosmetics are %40 cheaper than Tehran so shopping is the main reason to visit the island!

Pardis II Ground Floor
Pardis II 2nd Floor
A Coffee Shop in Pardis II

We were back in hotel on 11 pm. We got up early morning next day on 7 am as we wanted to do scuba diving! I was told that diving is the most wonderful thing to do there though a bit expensive ( 250000 Rls for 2 hours). We were briefly trained and then dived into the sea. A guide was beside us  showing us the way ahead as you can't see more than 5 m in front of you in see.Diving is not any dangerous as Kish shores are shark free. We dived for an hour in 6 m depth watching very beautiful fish and sea creatures.

Amoo Akbar Restaurant & 3" Long Shrimps
Going to Scuba Diving
Cycling Near Shayan Hotel

What we did after that was the same as the day before, except that we had an excellent shrimp and octavos meal in Amoo Akbar restaurant. Next day we again got up on 7 am. We wanted to dive again! But we were told that its harmful to do as we were to leave the island less than 6 hours later. So we did cycling on Donya Road and swimming. On 11:30 am we flew back to Tehran.

We had a wonderful time in Kish and I recommend everyone to take a 2 to 3 days trip there especially in winter for shopping,dining, swimming, diving and breathing fresh sea air.

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