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If you had to click here, it's likely that you're just as bored as I was when I created this page. I have compiled a large list of video clips, websites, and reading material for you to look at if you have a lot of time to kill right now, and after visiting all of these links, it's likely that you won't have the time to do anything else for the rest of the today. Finally, a cure for boredom!

Amazing Video Clips (5)
Awesome Websites & Calculators (45)
Interesting Reading Material (7)

5 video/flash clips to watch when you are bored.

Amazing Video Clips
These video clips are not recommended to watch if you have a dial-up connection. DSL/Cable download times reflect a 1500k connection.

Video Size: ??.? MB
Estimated download time: 56K - ??:??, DSL/Cable - ?:??
A very amazing video clip. Skip the first minute and a half of the video and you'll find yourself amused at the process of how a marble reaches its destination. You won't regret watching this.

Hong Kong Bus Uncle (English and Mandarin subtitles)
Video Size: ??.? MB
Estimated download time: 56K - ??:??, DSL/Cable - ?:??
You may have heard of this one before.

Pen Spinning
Video Size: 9.6 MB
Estimated download time: 56K - 23:58, DSL/Cable - 0:53
This is one of the most amazing video clips that I have ever seen. Watch as various people practice the art of pen spinning. The background music is "Dawn of Victory" by Rhapsody. Must see!

Freestyle Fridays: Jin defeats Sean Nicholas in a rap-off
Video Size: 7.6 MB
Estimated download time: 56K - 18:58, DSL/Cable - 0:42
This is a video clip of Jin's 7th week on BET's Freestyle Fridays. He easily defeats Sean Nicholas, his opponent.

Defeating Super Mario Brothers III in 11 Minutes
Video Size: 17.9 MB
Estimated download time: 56K - 44:41, DSL/Cable - 1:40
A truly amazing video clip of somebody who completes Super Mario Brothers 3 for Super Nintendo in 11 minutes. He doesn't die and he never gets hit! Another must see.

45 ways to pass the time.

Awesome Websites & Calculators
A listing of interesting websites and a few calculators to amuse and amaze yourself when you are bored.

AOL Instant Messenger Fight
How popular are you on AIM at this very moment? Type in your screen name and the screen name of your opponent to see who is more popular right now. The rating system is a little complicated, but read the help section and you should see how it works!

Area Code Decoder
Type in your area code to get a listing of cities that are included under your area code. Did you know that a 555 area code cannot be assigned?

Behind the Name
What's the meaning behind your first name?

A calculator that calculates your biorhythm. How emotionally, intellectually, and physically strong are you today? These predictions are based on your date of birth and are not at all scientific.

Birthday Calculator
A plethora of information that is relevant to your date of birth. Check it out!

Celebrity Face Recognition
Upload a picture of yourself and see if there are any celebrities that resemble your appearance!

Celebrity Gossip
Some people believe that gossip is a way of life. If you happen to be one of these people, you will just love this website.

Chicken Joke
Why did the chicken cross the road? Everyone has a different answer. Who is wrong and who is right? Why do people even question the motives of chickens when they cross the road?

CIA World Factbook: 2005 Edition
With the CIA World Factbook, you can learn anything and everything that you have always wanted to know about a certain country.

Interesting maps and random information about the town or city that you live in.

Cost of War
How much money is the war in Iraq costing the United States right now?

Crime Library
The Crime Library has interesting and in-depth stories about serial killers, gangsters, terrorists, criminals, and everything that you have always wanted to know about them. Don't read before going to sleep...

Dating Stories
You should be glad that your date(s) didn't go as terribly as the ones listed here. There are more than 800 disastrous stories for you to read!

Death by Caffeine
How many drinks of caffeine would it take to kill you?

Drug Calculator
For those of you who purchase drugs, how much money are you spending on drugs every month? Every year?

Dumb Laws
Some really dumb laws that actually exist in your state.

Famous Birthdays
With which famous people do you share your date of birth with?

Future Me
If you're really bored right now, this website is perfect for you! Send an e-mail to yourself and receive it sometime in the distant future. Maybe you won't be as bored 30 years from now!

Global Rich List
How rich are you in comparison to the rest of the world? Believe it or not, but making minimum wage ($5.15/hour) puts you in the top 15% of richest people in the world!

How Far Is It?
This calculator calculates the distance between two cities. Very accurate!

How Much is That?
U.S. dollars are worth significantly less today, but how much was a dollar worth in the past? You'd be surprised!

IRIS Seismic Monitor
A listing of major earthquakes that have occured around the world as recently as today.

Link Popularity Check
How many websites have linked to your website? Surprisingly, as many as 4,928 pages have linked to my xanga.

What are people searching for on the internet right now? This list refreshes every 15 seconds.

Names Statistics
How popular is your first and last name?

Names Database
A database with all of the registered names in the world as well as a gigantic list of high schools from all around the world. Is your name on this list?

Online Confessions
There have probably been times when you've felt inclined to expose certain secrets about yourself to another person. This website gives you the chance to confess anonymously over the internet. Don't worry, someone will read it...

Pi-Search Page
Find your birthday in pi!

Send a postcard to a random person that you've never met before. This is truly a random act of kindness!

This is the 2nd largest blog on the internet and also one of the most interesting ones that I've come across. Be sure to check it out! You won't regret it.

Quick Facts - States
Some quick and interesting statistics for every state.

Rate my Professors
Are you in college? You can use this website to assign a rating and leave a comment on any professor in the United States and Canada. Comments are submitted by students who have had the professor before. Be sure to take a look at this website before choosing your professors!

Rate my Teachers
Are you in high school? You can use this website to assign a rating and leave a comment on any teacher in the United States and Canada. Comments are submitted by students who have had the teacher before. If you are able to choose your teachers, be sure to take a look at this website first!

Recent Earthquakes in the U.S.
This website has a listing of earthquakes that have occured in the United States during the past week. It's no surprise that most of these earthquakes occur in California!

Slang Dictionary

The Death Clock
This is not the kind of clock that you're going to want for a birthday present.

The Pi-Search Page
If you're really bored right now, this link is perfect! Challenge yourself to memorize as many digits of pi as you can. You can also find your birthdate in pi.

The Rasturbator
The Rasturbator is a web service that enlarges any picture and divides it into several pieces. Just print each of these pieces to create an awesome-looking poster to hang in your room! See some examples of this.

TTS Interactive Demo - Text to Speech
Type a certain amount of words and an interactive voice will pronounce the words for you!

Universal Currency Calculator
This website allows you to convert the amount of currency between two countries. Every currency in the world is listed on this website.

Urban Dictionary
This is the most popular slang dictionary on the internet. The definitions are submitted by users and you can see what people are thinking about various things.

What Are You Eating?
You'd be surprised!

An upkeep of some of the best and worst events that are happening around the world at this very moment!

World License Plates
Ever wonder what a license plate from another state or country looks like?

World Time Server
You no longer have to ask what time it is - this website displays the current time for any state or country in the world.

7 interesting pages for you to read when you're bored.

Interesting Reading Material
For everyone who doesn't have a short attention span and would like to read something interesting that will inevitably pass the time!

Bill Gates' Net Worth
The richest man in the world is worth quite a lot of money - and then some. He makes more money in four seconds than most of us do in a single day!

How Much is Inside?
A very interesting website that will definitely pass the time. For instance, have you always wondered how many pieces of french fries are inside an order of fries? Surprisingly, a large order of french fries from Burger King only has a few more fries than a medium order! Check out some of the other pages as well.

In-N-Out: The 20x20
Read about the man who ate a 20x20 burger at In-N-Out and lived to tell about it. Yes, that's right - 20 beef patties and 20 slices of cheese! Imagine how many calories he consumed that day.

Pimp My Snack
Don't visit this site if you're hungry right now.

The Chappelle Theory
A fictitious account of what has happened to Dave Chappelle.

The Stinky Meat Project
Don't visit this page if you are eating something right now! After viewing this website, you might not ever look at meat the same way again. This website is about a man who leaves plates of meat in his neighbor's backyard and returns every day to witness the progression of the meat that is slowly rotting away.

What I Did For Love
An amazing story about love written by Val. This should take about 30 minutes to read, but it's well worth the time in my opinion.

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