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Xanga vs. Myspace
6/19/05 - 6/25/05

6/11/05 - 6/18/05

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6/04/05 - 6/10/05

Fast Food
5/29/05 - 6/03/05

5/22/05 - 5/28/05

5/15/05 - 5/21/05

Video Games
5/08/05 - 5/14/05

Internet Abuse
5/01/05 - 5/07/05

4/24/05 - 4/30/05

4/17/05 - 4/23/05

4/10/05 - 4/16/05

House Mice
4/03/05 - 4/09/05

3/28/05 - 4/02/05

3/19/05 - 3/27/05

Welcome to apreci8_1337hax0r's Xanga World (I couldn't think of a better name). I know, you're probably wondering why this website has to exist to act as an extension to my xanga site that already does a good job of wasting your time.

wasting your time
1. To thoughtlessly or carelessly spend your time.
2. The act of doing unproductive things with your time.
3. Browsing this website.

February 2007!
The 100th blog of the week has been posted today! Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it will also be the last weekend blog that I'll be writing. I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to read and respond to all these blogs. I probably would've stopped writing long ago if it weren't for my readers.

However, I understand that there are some readers who are angry at me for not being able to write to them often enough. I really hope that it isn't too hard to grasp the impracticality of writing to everyone on a daily basis with the limited free time that I have and have always had. I have had even less time to devote to writing during recent times, and rather than disappointing myself by producing mediocre work, I figured that the best thing to do would be to stop writing them.

November 2006!
I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday! As with every Saturday morning, another blog will be released tomorrow. However, I'll be trying something new that I'm hoping will work. Because boosted entries are now displayed above the featured ones, I will add a link to the Xanga Boost page from the header of my xanga site. If you like the blog that I've written for the week, feel free to nominate it for Xanga Boost. I really don't like the idea of Xanga Boost because anyone with an agenda can get their entries on the boosted page, but I suppose that this is one way to make sure that these people's entries aren't boosted as highly.

Thanks to all subscribers, commenters, and boosters! :)

October 2006!
The October blogs for this year have all been written out and regular blogs will resume on Saturday. Tomorrow is Halloween and if any of you have plans to go trick-or-treating, I recommend going trick-or-treating on November 1st instead because people will give you all their leftover candies. :)

By now, I think it's pretty obvious that I don't have as much time to write to people and that I can't spend as much time writing these blogs as I'd like to. Nonetheless, I'm very glad to see that there are still many people who enjoy reading my blog even though it's impossible for me to write to everyone on a regular basis. You see, I've never written these blogs for the purpose of gaining popularity; in fact, more people are shutting down their sites right now than I'm getting subscribers every week. All of these blogs have always been written with the so-called fans in mind and I'm quick to discard any ideas that people aren't likely to find interesting. The "popularity" of this blog has certainly peaked, but I'll continue to write these blogs for the coming months, and perhaps, the coming years if I still have the time to do so.

However, as a consequence of rarely trying to get my name out, I only a gain a couple new readers every week and it appears that not as many people have been able to find this blog during recent times. I know that most of you have found this site through Featured Content sometime in the past, and because there are so many people who can't find this blog anymore for some unknown reason, feel free to tell others about the site if you think that they might be interested. I'm sure that there are people out there who would want to read this quirky blog.

Even though this blog is no longer as easy to find as it once was, there are still pompous weirdos who find this site through Featured Content. There are strangers who continue to criticize the concept of this blog because they have nothing better to do with their time and have such low self-esteem as to be offended by the contents of a rather harmless blog. It's disappointing to see that the majority of the people who persist in this kind of childish behavior are either insecure people who somehow think that they're better than others or are simply unfortunate souls who just have to fulfill numerous but awful stereotypes that are often made about teenagers.

Fortunately, October is usually a good month for this blog. This kind of blog will always attract the bad apples, but as the saying goes, you have to take the bad in with the good. And it's good to see that there are far more people who have left positive comments about this blog than those who have left negative ones.

September 2006!
I've been pretty busy with schoolwork lately and it's unlikely that any more major updates will be made to this site. Whether you're procrastinating on your homework right now or don't have to do any at all, check out the 78th weekly blog that mentions one way to win the lottery. :)

August 2006!
Some of you probably ride the bus on a regular basis, and if you're one of these people, you'll love the 75th weekly blog about the benefits of taking the bus. :)

If you haven't done so already, check out the 74th weekly blog if you want to know about some of the benefits of having short hair or long hair. Slight changes have been made to the wednesday blog, so be sure to check it out if you don't have anything else to do today. Few updates will be made to this site for the next 4 months because of classes.

Check out the 73rd weekly blog about the benefits of giving good tips at a restaurant! You should definitely read it if you don't want the next waiter to come after you with an axe. Classes start again next week and I don't know if I'll be adding any more sections to this site soon.

July 2006!
Updated the Q & A section. You'll also find the answer to the question about how a doughnut can have an explosive power of 1.22 megatons if thrown at the speed of light.

Check out the 71st weekly blog about the benefits of having a nightmare. :) Wow, 71 weeks. I'll admit that I'm kind of surprised that I've been able to update consistently for the past 71 weeks. Both my writing style and train of thought have drastically changed since then and I've also learned a few things that I wish I knew back then. And for some reason, the original concept of my blog has been able to stay alive for such a long time even though there was one person who told me that I probably wouldn't be able to keep writing for such a long time.

Readership has nearly quadrupled since last year even though it might not seem so apparent. This probably isn't considered to be normal behavior, but I occasionally look at the bottom of my subscriptions page, and today, I notice that there are a lot of people that used to write often but no longer update for some reason. It kind of makes you wonder what happened to them and whether or not you'll ever hear from them again. Indeed, it seems that a majority of the people who read my blog today are newer readers and I know all too well that they too will stop writing someday. So today, I would like to thank everyone, past or present, for taking the time to read my site because this site wouldn't be where it's at without the readership and a few dedicated readers who occasionally spread the word about my site. My xanga site really isn't as popular as some people might think and it's always a big help when people spread the word and tell their friends about it.

The last day of summer courses is on Thursday, so I might be able to add some new sections to this site by the end of next week. :)

I've been a bit busy lately, but you can expect to see a lot more updates on this site when I finish summer courses next week. :) I'm planning to add one more xanga-related section and the rest will be about other things. By the way, I resized Brian Pepper's picture on the blog for this week because I thought that he looked way too gross under the standard sizing. Seriously.

If you have nothing to do today, feel free to take a look at the 69th weekly blog about the potential power of doughnuts! If anyone cares about how I came up with the explosive power of 1.22 megatons for a doughnut that's hurled at the speed of light, I'll be more than happy to explain under the Q & A section if one person asks. My calculations were based on doughnuts that weigh 2 ounces, which is a fairly common weight for medium-sized doughnuts.

Happy 4th of July to those of you who live in the United States! If you haven't done so yet, check out the 68th weekly blog that mentions a few possible ways for a person to take over the world. :) Since I haven't written a blog about food in a while, my next blog is probably going to be something about food.

June 2006!
If you happen to be a myspace user, check out the 67th weekly blog. It's basically a follow-up to my very first Xanga vs. Myspace blog that was written more than a year ago when the two services were actually similar in popularity. At the time, I recall that a majority of my readers felt great resentment over the idea that people were leaving xanga for myspace. Of course, things have greatly changed since then and very few of the 150 people who had left comments for that blog had actually stayed true to their words.

Even though a lot of people made speculations about how myspace was going to die down eventually, I knew that it wasn't going to happen. Just weeks after I had written the Xanga vs. Myspace blog, Rupert Murdoch of Fox bought the rights to myspace for $580 million! Today, the popularity of myspace is growing stronger with each passing day and I do believe that they'll eventually become the most popular website on the internet, surpassing Yahoo for the #1 spot and making even more headlines than they already are.

My primary reason for writing the second installment is that there are still many search engine hits that are leading to my first Xanga vs. Myspace article, which is obviously very outdated and no longer helpful to the people out there who are unsure of which service is better. I figured that it'd be helpful to write a new blog that accurately reflects the current situation between the two services, and I most likely will publish a third installment sometime next year. On the blog that I wrote last year, I forgot to mention that the services existed for different purposes; I remembered to mention it this time.

However, posting this blog is a little more problematic now than it was last year, seeing that many of my readers have a myspace site and I'm not sure how they'll respond to this blog, that is, if they even decide to respond to it. I always have to be careful about writing things that might upset people, since I never intend to make people feel that way. Last year, very few of my readers had a myspace site and those who did have one believed that xanga was better. I suppose that there will be more diversity in responses than there was in last year's blog, and it's possible that more people will end up favoring myspace over xanga, which is really telling since xanga users themselves believe that myspace is a better service.

For detailed information about a study that I may carry out this summer, head on over to the Statistics/Experiments page. Summer courses begin today, so I might not be around as often as I was for the past few weeks.

The Future of this Blog section is now up. What does the future have in store for my xanga site? Read all about it...

Is my xanga site really that weird? I've gotten comments from people who say that my site is weird, but I've never seen it that way. I'd imagine that a blog such as mine would not be seen that way if I were to write at a different place such as Blogger or something. All I know is that my blog has always provided offbeat and even outrageous content that not a lot of people think about on a day-to-day basis. Anyway, check out the 65th weekly blog entry on how to make a lot of money this summer! Trust me, you won't regret it.

The Origin of Names section has finally been completed. For the first time in nearly two years, you will know the meaning behind the names apreci8_1337hax0r and Secret Agent Orange.

Information about an interesting study that I'm planning to do this summer will be added under the Statistics/Experiments section soon. If you haven't done so yet, check out the 64th weekly blog about a few good ways to organize a great party.

The Successful Site page will soon be updated to provide advice for regular xanga users who wish to become more successful at it. I'm guessing that there aren't a lot of people who would be interested in it though. Expect some more updates later today.

Here is the second update of the day. The Useful Codes section is now up with three scripts that should help prevent people from being able to steal your information. You can also check out the new Future Blog Ideas section if you wish to know what I might write about next. In other news, I forgot to mention that I updated the Bored section yesterday with two new video clips and six new websites.

May 2006!
The Celebrities on Xanga page has been updated to include a celebrity who happens to be a singer and an actor in Hong Kong. You've probably seen the user "MandyStarz" on xanga before, but it's likely that you don't know who she is or why she is so popular. I meant to update the Celebrities on Xanga page as soon as I learned about it, but I was way too busy with schoolwork at the time and forgot to write about it until now.

On another good note, all of the Wednesday blogs that have ever been written can now be found in one spot, the Wednesday Blogs section. Also, the new All Wednesday Adverts section has a list of all adverts that have ever been included on my Wednesday blogs. Enjoy the updates and have a great night.

The menus have finally been changed! How do you guys like the new look? I can't say that it turned out the way I wanted it to, but it's alright. I obviously don't have a future as a webpage designer and I can only hope that I'll never have to do this again. I'm going to make a few more changes to this website in a couple hours...

The Most Popular Blogs section has finally been updated.

Do you like peanut butter? What about diamonds? Would you rather have a tasty peanut butter and jam sandwich or an artificial diamond? Find out more about it by reading this week's random blog. I got the idea to write about this after receiving a spam message a couple days ago about peanut butter, and I'll admit that it's probably the most random post that I've written to date. Perhaps there will be even more random posts like this in the future, but the only problem is that they don't seem to generate a lot of interest. :(

I'll be working on this website every day next week, so be sure to keep coming back to see what's been changed. I'm planning to add as many as 10 new sections to this site, and I'll also be getting rid of 2 existing sections.

The layout of my xanga site has finally been changed after well over 3 months since the last time I decided to modify my layout. I also replaced a Christmas smiley that has been on the header for a surprisingly long time. Many changes will be made to this website for the next few weeks, so be sure to keep checking back every day for new updates! :)

My first final for this semester is finally out of the way. Provided that I don't decide to change my major, I will never have to take another math class in my life again. After I finish my last final on Wednesday, I'll change the layout of my xanga site. It hasn't been changed since February 15th, so a new layout is long overdue. If you have nothing to do today, be sure to take a look at the 62nd weekly blog; it's chocked full of excuses for not doing your homework. :)

Well, it's technically the 16th now so I'll add a new post up here. I have plans to create a new section for surveying purposes this summer, as there are a few statistical experiments that I'd like to carry out myself. Something that I've always wanted to know is if the statement that "most xanga users are Asian" is really true. This reference is often thrown around by people and I'm not sure if this is true myself. When I look at a person like Cakalusa's site, a majority of his readers are Asian. But when I look at a person such as Gucci_Man's site, the exact opposite appears to be true. Both bloggers are well respected on xanga, so it is likely that confounding variables are contributing to the difference. Looking further away from the so-called "xanga celebrities," I see that the statement is often not true with the rest of the population.

But how do I know for sure whether this statement is true or not? It's impossible for me to be 100% certain about it, but I can always conduct experiments and eventually end up with a very high chance of having the true answer. To prove whether or not this statement is true, I'll be conducting a few experiments during the summer. I still haven't determined how I'm going to gather my information, but I believe that I know of one way that can produce unbiased results.

Also, by the term "majority," I'm implying that Asian bloggers will constitute at least 50.1% of the xanga population if the statement is true. Once I carry out this experiment, I'll have a good idea whether or not it's true. I'm a little surprised that no one has actually tried to carry out this experiment themselves.

With that said, I seriously think that a person's profile picture can have a great influence over the types of readers that he or she will draw. That may explain why Asian bloggers continue to draw mostly Asian readers and non-Asian bloggers continue to draw mostly non-Asian readers. As for me, I get a fair amount of both readers and I hope that it'll stay that way. Then again, I'll probably have to do experiments to determine whether these statements are true or not. Oh well; it should be an interesting experiment. Will anyone be interested in the answer?

Even though I have a lot of plans for this website during the summer, I'll still have to go to school and work but I'm having a three week break from school after finals, and as of now, I have no other major plans because everyone else gets out of school in mid-June.

If you who didn't read my update from 30 minutes ago, please scroll down!

I'll be done with finals in about two weeks from today and I'll be sure to make a lot of changes to this website as soon as I have the time to do so. The first thing that I'll probably do is change the layout for my xanga website as it hasn't been changed for exactly three months now. Another thing that I'll be sure to do is to actually finish the Origin of Names section so that you'll know how I came up with an incoherent and silly username like apreci8_1337hax0r. I also have plans to shrink the size of the menu for this webpage, and I should be able to do that if I can learn to code tables in a somewhat different way. In addition, since there are probably people out there who get the impression that I have no life just by browsing through the contents of this webpage, I'll add my personal column. I always have a lot of thoughts in mind, so I should be able to contribute my thoughts on a regular basis. It'll basically be the non-blogging related version of the Blogging Thoughts section, which may also be merged with my personal column when I decide to start it. When I started the Blogging Thoughts section, I thought that I was going to have a lot of things to write about, but it turns out that I don't. Whenever I do have things to write about, the words simply don't come out the way I want them to.

Check out the 61st weekly blog entry about the benefits of drinking soda if you have nothing else to do right now. Yes, believe it or not, there are benefits to be gained from drinking soda. I didn't mention the names of the ingredients on the blog, but some of them were Ginkgo and L-Carnitine. Of course, not all sodas will have these ingredients, but I know quite a few that do.

A few new questions have been added to the Q & A section today.

I know that this page hasn't been updated for three weeks, so I'm updating right now to let you guys and gals know that not only am I still alive but that I also haven't abandoned this website. For the past week or so, I've been working on research papers and studying for the up and coming final exams. The research papers are due in less than two weeks and I already have most of it written out. Once the semester is over in a few weeks, I should be able to devote some more of my time here. The first thing that I'll probably do is change the layout for my xanga site because it hasn't been changed in nearly three months! I'm also planning to modify the menus for all of the pages of this website to make them look a little smaller.

If you don't have a lot to do today, be sure to read the 60th weekly blog entry about the benefits of not being tall! You'll see why being tall isn't always a good thing.

April 2006!
The Origin of Names section isn't likely to be finished this week after all, and I don't know when it will be. Sorry about that! To pass the time this week, feel free to read the 57th weekly blog entry about shopping. Happy Easter to everyone.

Be sure to read the 56th weekly blog entry about the benefits of eating cheese if you're really bored right now. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Origin of Names section. That section of the site should be finished sometime this week. In addition, I am creating two sections that will list all of the positive and negative comments that users have ever made about my blog. Of course, I'm not actually going to go through all of my blogs in one day to find them all. This effort should take the whole Spring Break.

Have a great day everyone!

Check out the latest blog entry about the remarkable pranks that you could've pulled on people yesterday. Two new links, The Pi-Search Page and What I Did For Love, have been added to the Bored section. I'm glad that I was able to find the latter today because it was an amazing story that I had read over a year ago. Be sure to read that story if you have a lot of spare time today. I've also added all of the random facts that will be used on the blog bulletin for this month. Lastly, I've added the Origin of Names section, a section that will explain the origins of the two nicknames that I am most often referred to as. After I finish writing this section, you will no longer have to scratch your heads and wonder how I came up with names such as apreci8_1337hax0r or Secret Agent Orange. It's been more than a year and a half, and I agree that an explanation is long overdue.

March 2006!
Having blogged for nearly a year and a half with such a random and incoherent username, I often get questions regarding the origin of both my nicknames from other people. Where did Secret Agent Orange come from? What about apreci8_1337hax0r? I've been presented with many interesting theories as to how I came up with such names, and I will answer all questions about these two nicknames in an up and coming section that I'm hoping to finish within the next few weeks. I would've answered this seemingly simple question in the Q & A, but as with many names, there are interesting stories behind the names. So after a year and half of waiting, you will soon know how I ended up with these names.

Those of you who happen to be my very first subscribers probably know how I came up with apreci8_1337hax0r, but I know that there are only one or two of you who still blog on xanga. Times really have changed, haven't they?

If you're bored right now, feel free to check out the 54th weekly blog entry about the benefits of chewing bubble gum. I know that this week's blog entry is a bit shorter than my other ones, but my next blog entry should be a little longer than usual. Today, I've decided to revise one of my posts under the Blogging Thoughts section about the treatment of "emo kids" on xanga. It was written nearly three months ago and I now have more to say about the subject.

It's been one whole year of random blogging! Check out the 52nd weekly random blog about the benefits of drinking coffee. Also, check out the Past Random Facts section if you wish to view all of the random facts that will be used on the Blog Bulletin for this month.

Added a new celebrity to the Celebrities on Xanga list. There are now at least three celebrities that are known to blog or have blogged on xanga at one time. I've also added three new blog entries to the Most Popular Blogs list.

It is now the 4th of March, and as you can see, The Xanga User has not been released yet. I do not know when it will be released. The Popular Blogs list has been updated with a few more music and layout websites that have exceeded 1,000 eprops. Xanga staff members who are on this list are now highlighted in red. Check out the 51st weekly random blog about the importance of eating breakfast if you haven't done so already!

February 2006!
There is a possibility that the The Xanga User will be released by tomorrow night, but I will be busy tomorrow. Check out the 50th weekly random blog about newspapers!

I've decided that The Xanga User will not be released at the end of this month. :/ In other news, my OKCounter script stopped working a month ago and I now know why. According to the current administrator of, the original owner of the site died two years ago because of cancer. I have settled for a generic web counter since then, and I don't know if I will sign up for a new OKcounter account when they allow signups again.

There are many fake celebrities on xanga, but are there any real celebrities? Check out the new Celebrities on Xanga section! In other news, two more blog entries have been added to the Most Popular Blogs list, and if you haven't done so already, check out the random blog for this week. :)

Check out the 48th weekly blog entry, a blog filled with random facts about the holiday that many people will be celebrating in three days. I am planning to work a little more on this website when I have the time. Many great things are being planned, so stay tuned!

Also, for the first time in a VERY long time, I did not receive a single chain letter as a comment this week! :o

The 47th weekly blog entry was released yesterday morning; be sure to read it if you have nothing else to do! A few new buttons have been added to the site, and a new blog has been added to the Most Popular Blogs section. I also have plans to release The Xanga User, a satirical view of the many different types of users on xanga, by the end of this month.

January 2006!
The 46th weekly blog entry was released this morning. A new blog entry has been added to the Most Popular Blogs section. Thanks to DisBoiRichyard for finding it! :) I've also removed some of the blogs on that list because the owner had either removed the entry or shut down the site.

One of the questions from the Q & A has been updated. Also, if you've subscribed to my blog, simply click on the Protected tab of your subscriptions browser to read the latest Wednesday blog!

45th weekly random blog was released this morning. And as of yesterday evening, I am now a member of xanga premium! Everyone who is subscribed to me should be able to read my Protected entries now. :) In other news, because my okcounter script no longer works, I am now using a generic web counter to keep track of the number of visitors.

The Q & A section has finally been updated today.

44th random blog was released this morning. What would you do if you had one million dollars? I added two new links (Basic Blog Info and Successful Xanga) to this website and updated the buttons.

The Most Popular Blogs list has been updated with six more blog entries that have exceeded 1,000 eprops.

The 43rd random blog was released this morning. I've also added some more random facts that will be used on the Blog Bulletin up until January 31, 2006. The Most Popular Blogs list has also been updated.

The Bored section has now doubled in size - 25 new links have been added! Also, the Most Popular Blogs listing has been updated.

The Bored section has been updated with a few new links. Also, I've just discovered that this website is sometimes inaccessible at times due to excessive bandwidth. I'm probably going to have to move some of the things on this website to a different server tomorrow afternoon. Happy New Year everyone!

December 2005!
Happy New Years Eve everyone! :)

My Blogging Thoughts page should be released by tomorrow morning.

The Blogging Thoughts page is currently being worked on. So far, I've decided that it will be the only page on the site to have a different layout. With that said, the whole layout of this site doesn't look very good at all and I've been using the same layout for years. The whole layout is mostly made up of a bunch of table HTML, and it was designed without the use of any program. Maybe this page will look significantly better if I try to design it with a website-making program instead of doing everything manually...

Merry Christmas to everyone! :)

The 41st random blog entry has now been released. Also added two more blogs to the Most Popular Blogs section. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve to all. :)

Added two more blogs to the Most Popular Blogs section.

I've decided to discontinue the Blog Purpose section of the site. It is much too similar to the upcoming section, Blogging Thoughts, which should be released pretty soon. When it is released, any and all questions that you've ever had about my blog should be answered. I've been meaning to get this section finished for a while, and I hope to have it done before the end of the year (which is in...12 days!). I have also added marc's latest blog entry, which has now exceeded 1,000 eprops, to the Most Popular Blogs section.

Changed the entire layout for the Bored section. Changed some of the colors for the Past Random Facts section to more accurately reflect the newer background. Also added random facts that will be used on the blog bulletin up to December 31, 2005! Last, but not least, the latest random blog has been added to the Full List of Blogs section.

The 40th random blog entry has been released. Read all about crazy foods that you may or may not want to ever eat!

Added five new links to the Bored section, including What Are You Eating? and Death by Caffeine. Enjoy!

Have you always wanted to know which blog entries on xanga have the highest amount of eprops? Probably not, but check out the new Most Popular Blogs section! All blog entries that have at least 1,000 eprops are on the list and there are currently 66 blogs on the list. Chances are, there's still a lot of blogs that I've missed.

Have you always wanted to know which blogrings on xanga are the most popular? Probably not, but check out the new Most Popular Blogrings section. I compiled this list of popular blogrings because xanga currently doesn't have a list for this. All blogrings that have at least 2,000 members are on the list. There are currently 390 blogrings on this list. Yup, that's 390 out of nearly 2 million total blogrings on xanga! Enjoy.

I'll be done with final examinations on Wednesday. I plan to work extensively on this website starting in a few days. Hopefully I'll be able to get all of the sections up before the break is over.

November 2005!
Are you bored right now? If you're reading this right now, then, yes, you most likely are bored. Check out the new Bored section!

Thanksgiving Break is coming very soon and I should have some time to work on this website again!

I'm also pleased to announce that I have finished two more sections of this site - the Funnies section and the Full List of Blogs section. Be sure to check it out the Funnies when you're in a bad mood... :)

October 2005!
After months of procrastination, I have finally installed a new web counter for my websites! :)

I've been pretty busy with school lately. I probably won't have time to work on this website for a while. But eventually, this website will be finished! Until then, feel free to read one of my many blogs to kill the time. :)

September 2005!
I've been pretty busy ever since school started, but I'm hoping to get more parts of this website done before my birthday in three weeks.

August 2005!
I've finally finished writing about the Blog Purpose, but haven't published it yet. There are still a few things that I plan to do, and it should be released by the end of this week. It is five pages in single-space length according to Microsoft Word and may take a while to read.

School has started already, but I should still have a decent amount of time to work on this website. I'm thinking about adding two new sections: About Me and Funnies. Still need to install that universal visits counter.

For those of you who are still wondering if I'm working on this website, the answer is yes, I am still working on this! There are a lot of things left to do here...hopefully I can get some of it done before school starts. :/

Hey guys and gals, welcome to the new and improved Orange's Fantasy World. I moved all of my running-related pages to another folder and most of my old blogs have been moved to one of two folders. According to the web counter on the left side of this page, this site generates very few hits in comparison to my Neopets help website and of course, my Xanga blog. Ah well, maybe it'll change now that I'm "rebuilding" a website that was once all the rage for the first couple of months of the year. Just going to put more xanga-related pages and more info about me if time permits.

Shakespeare Quote
May 10, 2005
Just watched Shakespeare's Othello in my English class today and here's a quote that I particularly liked from the movie.

"All my life I've always wanted to fly.
I always wanted to live like a hawk.
I know you're not supposed to be jealous of anything, but...
To take flight.
To soar above everything and everyone.
Now that's living.

But a hawk is no good around normal birds.
It can't fit in.
Even though all the other birds probably want to be hawks,
they hate him for what they can't be.

Odin is a hawk.
He soars above us.
He can fly.
One of these days, everyone is going to pay attention to me.
Because I'm going to fly, too."

Awesome quote.

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