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"The princely hereditary status of the members of the former sovereign families is an essential individual right, like the name or the first names, that can not be removed, even by the national law."

Almanach de Bruxelles-


Isdhoo Dynasty

Isdhoo Bodu Velaanaa Thakurufaan (Ibrahim Shah Bandar)

Father:- Dhaiga'ndu Gan'duvaru Maafaiy Thakurufaan (of Fuvah Mulah) son of Hirihamaadhi Gadha Kaleyge Faan (Forufagi Olhuginai Kaleyge Faan) son of Bodu Dhon Ahmed Edhuru Kaleyge Faan son of Funaadu Edhuruge' Dhon Mahmoodh Kaleyge Faan (Dhaami Dhon Mahmoodh) son of Keyharithai Dhon Abraham Khatheeb Kaleyge Faan son of Keyharithai Naib Kaleyge Faan son of Ali Adafi Kaleyge Faan son of  Seedhi Naib Kaleyge Faan son of Uthuvaan Khatheeb son of Kan'buru Adharahan Khatheeb Kaleyge Faan son of Dhon Hasan Khatheeb Kaleyge Faan son of El-Faqeeh El-Haafiz Yousuf Naib Thakurufaan .

Spouse-1:- Isdhoo Aishaa Bee Kamanaa.

Children:- (IS1) Sultan Ali (VII),  (IS2)  Bodu Aishaa Faan, (IS3) Husain Thakurufaan, (IS3) El-Vazeeru Hasan Maafaiy  Thakurufaan (Edhuru Thakurufaan).



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