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Final Fantasy X: Another Story

On this page is a translation of "Eien no Nagi-setsu" ("The Eternal Calm"), subtitled "Final Fantasy X: Another Story", which is a sequence found on the bonus DVD, "Other Side of the Final Fantasy 2", which came with the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X International (I'm not sure if the Asian and European versions have this bonus DVD). I found this translation on the Gaming Intelligence Agency website, which has unfortunately closed down. (It was a fantastic site!) Hence I'm putting it here so that people searching for it may still find it even though the GIA is no longer around. The translation was submitted to the GIA by someone else, whom I can't remember and have no way of finding out (now that the site's gone), so I can't credit him or her properly. If anyone knows who did this translation please contact me so that I can at least put that person's name here.

I've written this on the main page, but I'll repeat it here: since the following is a huge spoiler for Final Fantasy X, it is best for anyone who hasn't completed the game not to read this. Ok, you've now been warned! ^_^

Scene 1 - Besaid Beach

Yuna (thinking): 37, 38, 39 .. 40 ... 41 ....

(Sound of surfacing, gasp of breath)

Yuna (thinking): Two minutes, forty one seconds - a new high!

(Wakka runs onto Besaid beach and yells to Yuna)

Wakka: Yuna! C'mon!

Yuna: Be right there!

(Close up on Wakka. He crosses his hands and sighs contentedly)

Wakka: Pretty good at holding your breath now, ya?

Yuna (laughing): Not as good as you!

Wakka: Yeah, well, I haven't even practiced recently.

Yuna (jokingly): You sure look it.

(Embarassed by his spare tire, Wakka brings his hand to his forehead)

Wakka: Eh--ah ...

Yuna: It's not like you're the one having a baby!

(Wakka turns, sighs, and runs off, leaving Yuna alone on the beach)

(Yuna turns towards the beach and thinks to herself)

Yuna (thinking): It's been two years since then. I can hold my breath underwater for two whole minutes now. It takes more than just physical strength; there're a few tricks to it that you need to figure out. I didn't understand when it was explained in words, but after a lot of practice I finally got it.

Yuna (thinking): I'd never thought there might be any kind of trick to it - I couldn't afford to think about anything back then.

Yuna (thinking): The Eternal Calm. It's my two minutes and forty one seconds and Wakka's pudgy stomach. It's not much - just a quiet kind of happiness.

Scene 2 - Besaid Temple

(Yuna stands at the door and looks around before entering the dimly lit temple. She walks over to where Wakka is talking with a man. The pair walk towards her and the man begins to speak)

Tasgio: I saw you from a distance at the stadium two years ago ... but I never thought I'd get to see you in person. You're as beautiful as ever ...

Yuna: Thank you.

Tasgio: I have a favor to ask about my grandson. He's joined up with the Young Persons' Alliance.

Tasgio: Now, not to say the Alliance is bad in and of itself ... but me and the missus are both with New Yevon, as are my son and daughter-in-law. My grandson used to come to our meetings, too, but one day he just ...

Tasgio: There're a lot of young folks in the Alliance, so I'm sure it's exciting for him, but still ...

Yuna (thinking): A number of groups have formed across Spira since then. How should we build this new world? What should Spira be like in the future? Everyone is looking for their own path.

Tasgio: I feel that ... my grandson and his companions are moving too quickly.

Yuna (thinking): With so many different ways of thinking, at times conflict is inevitable. Some people are uncomfortable with the new way of things. Honestly, I am too, sometimes ... But this is good enough for now. That's what I keep telling myself.

Yuna: I understand your feelings. But try talking things over with your grandson. His actions may appear reckless to you, but his feelings for Spira are the same as your own.

Scene 3 - Besaid Island

(Yuna is walking along a path when Wakka runs in from off screen)

Wakka: He-ey!

Yuna: Who is it? A visitor?

Wakka: Ya, you know how it is - the village geezers are shooting their mouths off about that again ...

Yuna: Who is it this time?

Wakka: The son of the head of New Yevon.

Yuna: No way. I'd probably just end up being used by him.

Wakka: Man ... sorry, Yuna.

Yuna: I'll go turn them down.

Wakka: No problem, I got it. I mean, you don't wanna hafta see their frowning faces, do ya?

Yuna: ... right.

(A messenger runs on screen)

???: Lady Yuna!

Yeivel: Lady Yuna! I am Yeivel of the Young Persons' Alliance! I have come today to deliver a message from our leader Nurge!

Wakka: She's not joining the Alliance.

Yeivel: But ...

Yuna: Is that why you came?

Yeivel: ... yes, it is.

Yuna: I'm not going to join any group.

Yeivel: Are you perhaps going to form your own group?

Yuna: Please leave.

(Rikku runs on screen, shouting and out of breath)

Rikku: Yuna! Wakka!

(Close up on Rikku, fade to black. Fade in on scene 4)

Scene 4 - Salvage Ship

Yuna (thinking): Rikku sometimes comes by Besaid Island. She travels about Spira, teaching people how to use machines, excavating old machines from underground or underwater ... She's awfully busy - but she seems to be enjoying herself.

(Rikku pokes Wakka's stomach, making little poking noises)

Wakka: Stop that!

Rikku: Quite the tummy you've got now! So how's Lulu?

Wakka: She's in the village. Go say "hi" later, ya?

Rikku: Of course! And Yuna - same as always, huh?

Yuna (cheerfully): That's right. Same as always.

(A seagull flies overhead)

Wakka: So Kimahri's still at Mt. Gagazet?

Rikku: You betcha! He's teaching the Ronso children tons of stuff - he's really quite the teacher!

Rikku: Anyway, I got something from Kimahri for you - he said he found it up in the mountains.

Yuna: A Sphere?

Wakka: Weird shape, huh?

(Rikku activates the Sphere and holds it out for Yuna)

Rikku: Look closely, Yuna.

Scene 5 - A Cage

(This scene is difficult to see and hear; the screen is awash in colored noise, and the sound is distorted and strung out. The cage may be underwater, though it's difficult to tell. Though the location of the cage is uncertain, it is clearly Tidus trapped inside)

Tidus: What the hell do I get arrested for? Let me go already!

Tidus: You hear me, don't you? What'd you think if she was your girl?

Tidus: Who cares if I used the enemy's machina? It was the only way to save the Summoner!

Tidus: What would you have done instead?!

Tidus: Let me out of here! Let me see her!

Scene 6 - Salvage Ship

Yuna (thinking): A voice ... a voice that had been close by for what seemed like forever ...

Wakka: What's this about? What's he doing there? Is that really him? What's this all about?

Rikku: I don't really know ... but you want to find out, don't you?

Wakka: Well, yeah!

Yuna: Yes.

Rikku: Then let's go!

Yuna: Where to?

Rikku: No idea! Let's go talk to Kimahri first and think about it then, okay?

Wakka: But we don't know anything! Shouldn't we look into it a little first?

Rikku: And just who's gonna find it out for us?

(Yeivel appears suddenly on the bridge)

Yeivel: Leave it to us!

Yeivel: Our leader Nurge should agree as well! I'll convince him myself!

Wakka: Get outta here!

Yeivel: Y-yessir! I'll return as soon as something has been learned!

(Yeivel runs off)

Rikku: I think Yuna ought to go herself.

Wakka: That's impossible.

Rikku: Why's that?

Wakka: The next three months are completely booked. Everyone wants to meet Yuna.

Rikku: And what about what Yuna wants?!

Wakka: Well, y'know ... someday, when the world's settled down and all ...

(Rikku is furious at Wakka)

Rikku: Whaddya mean, someday? What someday? What's the matter with you, Wakka? Yunie always works so hard, she should only have to worry about herself now - so why!? Everytime I come here, I always think about how everyone's busy finding their own happiness ... except for Yuna.

Wakka: Well, that's ...

(Rikku runs over and shouts in Wakka's face)

Rikku: Has your head gone as soft as your belly?!

Rikku: Yuna!

Yuna (thinking): I ... I want to go. But ... if I leave, I may disappoint people.

Yuna: I ...

[Ed. note: The following line is a direct quotation from Final Fantasy X; however, since we couldn't find the exact wording of the English version we have gone ahead and retranslated it.]

Tidus (voiceover): Well, if acting grown up means not being able to say what I want, then screw it! Nothing'll change that way!

Yuna: I'll go.

Wakka: Yuna!!

(Rikku sighs with relief.)

Yuna: After all ... this is my story.

Rikku: Ha! I knew you'd say that, so I went ahead and brought some stuff for you.

Wakka: Oh, no ...

Rikku: First off, we gotta get you into some new clothes! You're famous, after all, so you'd better go undercover!

Wakka: J-just a sec, ya? Lemme go get Lu.

Yuna (thinking): The Eternal Calm. It's my two minutes and forty one seconds and Wakka's pudgy stomach. It's a small and quiet kind of happiness ... but, I guess I can ask for a little more, can't I?

Yuna: Rikku, let's get going!