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After level 50, Keepa's ST will increase at an astonishing rate, and in the entire game, among all 60 players, Keepa is the only player whose ST can reach 99. It's quite a pain getting him up to level 50 and beyond though.


Get Wakka to join your team as soon as you can! I forgot when exactly you can first speak to him, but as soon as you can, invite him to join you, which he will despite what he said about retiring : ) Aurochs Spirit is extremely useful (and he is the only player who can learn it), and if you get him early he won't lag behind the others in terms of level and will be very helpful. The 2 most powerful shots in Blitzball are Tidus's Jecht Shot 2 and Wakka's Aurochs Spirit, with these 2 scorers you will have no problem scoring at all no matter how high the CA of the other team's keeper is. You'll see what I mean when you get these 2 skills : )


When you're trying to learn any technique (after making sure your player can learn that particular technique of course), the success of the techcopy is determined by 2 factors: 1st, the timing of pressing the button, and 2nd the levels of the player trying to learn the technique and of the opponent the technique is being learnt from. For most techniques (except Sphere Shot and Invisible Shot, which are explained below) the timing should be no problem, and you'll get it after a few tries at most. As for the levels, the rule is as follows:

Player's level ... Success rate
Lower than that of opponent's20%
Equal to that of opponent's50%
Higher than that of opponent's100%

The point here is that when your player's level is higher than that of the opponent's you are trying to get the technique from, the techcopy will always be successful, but even if your player's level is lower there is still a chance of success. Your player's level doesn't even have to be anywhere near that of the opponent's in order to learn techniques. I found this out cos I got Wakka to join my team late in the game, and I had him learn techniques from opponents who were at level 60+ or 70+, while he was only at level 3! To my great surprise, he was able to learn the techniques, abeit after trying many times ...

Sphere Shot/Invisible Shot

2 of the most difficult techniques to learn in the game are Sphere Shot and Invisible Shot, due to the very long time span in which you have to techcopy them. To learn Sphere Shot, press the X button immediately after hearing the chime which tells you that the ST value has been decided. The sound is the same as the one you hear when you press the button to decide the ST value when one of your players uses Sphere Shot. As for Invisible Shot, press the button immediately after you see the player using it release the ball.

Jecht Shot/Jecht Shot 2/Jecht Shot 3?

The first chance you have to get the Jecht Shot technique for Tidus is during his flashback on the first journey by boat to Luca. Simply press the directional buttons towards the words that appear and press the X button at the same time. If you do it right the words should disappear. The aim is simply to try and make all the words disappear. It's quite fun, really, and after finishing you get to see Tidus execute the move (whether successful or not it's still pretty cool ... cooler if you succeed, of course). Jecht Shot is supremely useful especially for your early matches, so I suggest you save your game before trying it, and if you fail to get the move, reset and try again (cos you only have one chance to get it, failing which you'll have to wait until quite late in the game before you can try for it again). If however by the time you read this you've already passed that stage and didn't get Jecht Shot, when you get the use of the airship, return to Kilika Island, and take the ship from there to Luca (you may be able to get it before then, I'm not sure, but it's too much trouble trying to return to Kilika before you get the airship). Once on the boat, go to the deck and you'll see a blitzball. Press the X button on it and you'll get a chance to try for the Jecht Shot again. Note that you don't have to learn Jecht Shot in order to be able to learn Jecht Shot 2, but as it's much easier to get than Jecht Shot 2, it'd really be worthwhile to get it on your first try. Personally, I only got it after I'd gotten Jecht Shot 2, and by then it was pretty obsolete : ( As far as I know there's no Jecht Shot 3 in the game, unfortunately, even though Yuna seems to have seen Jecht perform it before.

Easy Win

A very simple winning strategy is to give a player with very high PS the technique Nap Pass 3. Just keep making him get into encounters with opponents and put them to sleep! If his PS is high enough, he can put 3 or even 4 opponents to sleep at one go (depending on opponents' BL, of course). With all 5 opponents asleep, you can then do whatever you like, whether it's scoring or just passing the ball around to gain more experience : )

Good Morning!

For 'Good Morning!', which parameter(s) become 99 depends on how the player is woken (whether by passing the ball to the sleeping player or by scoring a goal):

Type of Pass/Shot Parameter(s) which become(s) 99
Venom Pass/ShotEN & CA
Nap Pass/ShotAT & PS
Wither Pass/ShotST & BL
Any other Pass/Shot1 random parameter (besides HP & SPD)

Dream Team ...?

Right now I have the following players in my team. It may not be the absolute best, but I think it works very well indeed, at least for me. I've got 8 players (2 extra forwards), and I rotate them so I get to use all of them. Usually I use 2 forwards, but sometimes I use 3, in which case I have my centre attacking as well ^_^

Players Reasons for choosing them
ForwardsTidus & Wakka In addition to other qualities (high EN and ST, basically; Tidus has decent SPD and PS as well, so I sometimes use him as an attacking centre) which make them great attackers, Tidus and Wakka have got the 3 exclusive techniques in the game: Jecht Shot, Jecht Shot 2 and Aurochs Spirit
DattoHe has very high SPD, his ST and EN are above average (for a forward), plus he can learn ALL the techniques in the game (except for the exclusive ones for Tidus and Wakka, that is)
ShaamiShe has very high ST (one of the highest in the game, higher than Tidus's and Wakka's, in fact), above average SPD and high EN too
CentreVuroja He has high EN, very high AT and BL, and his PS goes up to 99, plus he can learn all the techniques in the game (except for the exclusive techniques)
DefendersKulukan She has very high AT and BL, her PS goes up to 96, and she also can learn all the techniques in the game (except for the exclusive techniques)
RoppHe's got the highest AT in the game, very high BL, and his PS goes up to 96
KeeperNimrook He has the highest CA in the game, 'nuff said

In addition, all my players are very low maintainence ^_^ (The most costly ones are Ropp and Shaami at 200 and 190 Gil per game respectively; the rest are all 100 Gil or less per game)

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