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October 25

I've finally updated the site (thank you, Captain Obvious!), and I'm trying to make it  little prettier for you, which is obviously why I decided to start it off with such a pretty opening picture.  That picture was actually my desktop for about three weeks. 

So I've had the flu since Wednesday, and although I feel quite a bit better now, I'm still leery, because it might have to do with the fact that all I've had to eat in the past 26 hours is two pieces of dry toast.  And my pee smells like apple juice (I hope someone random finds this website).  It's pretty gross, but so long as I don't eat, the churning (and the consequent purging of everything in my system) is reduced to a minimum.  So my main complaint right now is fatigue, and some slight shakiness... both of which are preferable to the alternative.

I'm going home next weekend and the weekend after that, so I'm pretty excited.  Yesterday we had "Relay for Life" here, which is a fundraiser for cancer.  After raising money, teams walk around the track (or parking lot) from 7 pm until 7 am.  As long as one person from each team is on the track at all times, you're good.  I tried to make it out, but I only lasted about an hour before I realized that I was too sick and too weak to really participate.  I had promised Maria (my RA) that I would take pictures for her though because she is on a retreat this weekend that she goes to every year.  This August though, their leader died of cancer, so it'll be a hard weekend for them.  Her retreat group had bought a lot of luminaries (paper bags with candles in them... they're another part of the fundraiser... you can write on them) for this event, and she thought it would be nice for her friends to see them, so she asked me to e-mail them to her this weekend.  So at around 10:00, Justin woke me up (I'd asked him to) so that I could go out and take the pictures for her.

Tonight there's a group of about 50 people going out for Indian food at a restaurant called Curry Gardens.  I've signed up to go, and I've already paid my $15, but I don't know if my stomach will be able to handle it.  I really hope so though, because I've heard that this is the best Indian place around, and I'd even just like to know how to get there (we're going as a group).  Justin and I have planned to go out for badji (I don't know if that's spelled right) sometime, only we're both too lazy to figure out how to get there. 

I'm pretty sure I kicked the proverbial ass of my Spanish exam, so that's something to be happy about.  I have my Classics exam on Monday, and that one should be pretty hard.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I don't hate the girls on my floor anymore.  They're still silly, and for the most part, not really my type, but they're kind and they mean well. 

So I think that's just about it for now... I love you Tera, and I hope you're still having a great time at CMU!

Love, K

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