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Hey Tera.

Here's a really crappy webpage that I'm making for you.  Maybe someday it'll get better, but that's highly unlikely, because it's just instead of e-mails.  I'm getting really fed up with sending you stuff that doesn't get there.  I e-mailed Hotmail today, but here's a web site for you.

I'm glad you did so well on your English midterm.  I told you you could do this whole University thing!

So far I've had a 78% on a French in-class essay (with which I'm quite pleased), an 85 and a 90 on Spanish quizzes, and I've FAILED (yes, failed) a grammar and Shakespeare quiz.  Heh.  The participation marks I earned for showing up that day (like every day) outweigh the quiz mark... it was worth nothing... BUT GRAMMAR AND SHAKESPEARE!!!  We had an essay due the same day in that class, so I'd been writing the essay rather than learning what a predicate was and reading The Tempest (I've done both since the quiz).  I had another essay due this past Friday... I'd wanted to go on the FIELD TRIP to Oktoberfest in Kitchener (and see Amy and Deutschsprech-it-up), on Thursday night, but I had to give away my ticket because my essay wasn't done (I finished it at 6am on Friday... heh... I didn't tell my parents)...

But Friday evening, I went out and finally bought my grad present from my parents (I really procrastinate whether it's good or bad).  I got a really sweet digital camera!!!  Adia and I took pictures with it until 4:30 am yesterday... she made me put on make-up.  So here are some pictures.

And as for Ryan, if he's asked for my address, I guess there's no avoiding it.  I can manage him.  I love you Tera!!!

Love, K
P.S. I want to be a classics prof and a highschool german teacher.


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