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November 26 (I'm sorry, I've just been so busy!!!) - Nov 30 (I'm sorry, I've just been so busy!!!!!!)

Hidey Ho, Tera!

I hope you had a good time at home last weekend.  I had an okay time here.  I spent most of my time in "Study Challenge," which is a competition between the floors to see how many people they can get out to study.    My floor really wants to win.  It also gives me a good excuse to be out of my residence.  I really feel kinda' depressed every time I walk in here.  Actually, it's been getting better lately.  I've pretty much been avoiding everyone on my floor for the past week, and that makes me feel better.  Because then it's my choice not to be with them.  Besides, I think they're nice girls; they just can't handle me.  They say 'hi' to me really cheerfully now when they see me in passing.  When I am with them, I just don't really say anything, and it's all good.  I went for a walk with them yesterday night (we go for walks at midnight), and I mostly didn't say anything.  It's the most time I've spent with any of them in about two weeks.  I haven't cried in over a week, and that's definitely an improvement.  

I had one of the best evenings of my life last (not this past one) Saturday.  Justin's roommate was out for the weekend, so we had a date (our second one!).  We rented Run Lola Run because I love that movie (I want the DVD so badly... heh), and I miss German, and he loves movies and hadn't seen it yet.  We ordered a veggie pizza, and it came right at the perfect time of the movie (the action plays through three times in the movie, and it came RIGHT in between the first and second run through.  It was so good. 

Today I'm hungry.  I know it's not a healthy thing to do, but I'm on the Calendar Diet.  That means that until I take the pictures for Lauren's calendar, I'm only eating vegetables and veggie soup broth (I'm also having one non-fat dairy product per day so that I don't die-- beans too, when I can get 'em).  I know it's not healthy, but I don't care.  It's only for two weeks, and I'm not looking to loose weight in the long run.  My mommy would yell at me if I told her my scheme.  I know it isn't healthy, but two weeks shouldn't kill me... just wear down the immune system.  I actually eat way more now then I did; I pee and I'm hungry again.  I don't know if the extra intake of food will cancel out the fact that I'm not eating anything really solid.  I have a confession to make:  I just ate a granola bar.  Right after I typed that.  Hehe... I'm only cheating myself... either way.

In the past two days, I've had four tests, two of them midterms.  I know that I didn't do well on any of them.  It was just too much.  I also had an essay due last week, and two more due next week.  But then all I have is a quiz, and an exam (on the eighth), and then I get to go home.  Miles is coming up for his birthday on the sixth, and he's going to take me home after my exam.  I'm so excited to go home!  The gang has been planning stuff, and I want to do stuff with you.  You're not going to Ottawa until after Christmas, right?  Let me know when you'll be home, and we can fuck shit up old school, aight?

How are your joints, by the way?  I think my jaw might be getting better, and my ear infections are gone.  I really hope that there's something to make your poor bones better rather than to make them FEEL better. 

I'm trying out for Annas (Anus) in Jesus Christ Superstar and I'm singing a song from Cabaret (Mein Herr) for my audition.  I'm a little nervous; I haven't been onstage since grade 10 drama.  But I'm listening to the Liza Minnelli version of the song, and with Dorothy's daughter as a vocal coach, how can I go wrong??

I started this e-mail a few days ago.  So here's an update on the tummy situation:  I'm not hungry anymore.  My tummy is used to it, although it's not getting smaller (I know, I know, I'm not fat! I love you Tera, and I'm not planning to develop an eating disorder.  This ends for sure when I go home on the eighth).  

I went to church today.  I found Valleyview last week, and I've been there regularly ever since (so today).  Someone there said that they were familiar with Vineland and that they'd been at Vineland Estates the previous week for their son's wedding.  "Do you know Corey Brubacher?"  I told him that she was my babysitter.  She married his son.  And one of the ladies knows Harold and Jane really well (and I think they may be related to Johnny Taves *shudder*).  Another one is Randy Pauls(from my church)'s sister.  Anyway, today there was a baby dedication, and so one family was having a party for the young Sudanese couple whose baby was being dedicated.  They invited me (it was right after church), and of course I accepted.  There was so much food there.  And the hostess was a vegetarian (not a very strict one, but understanding, anyway), so there was food for me.  I didn't even get into the vegetarian lasagna, because they had weird stuff that I've never tried before!  Anyway, I figured that I could deviate from my diet for one meal, anyway.  I ended up just having salad and then this potato dish (I had less than one small potato in sauce... plenty of spicy-ish sauce!!!).  I had been just so hungry because our cafeteria doesn't open until eleven on the weekends, and I'd been up since 8:30, and I have to eat often now that I don't eat anything substantial, and I hadn't even eaten anything yet.  So I was done my food in about the time it took most people to shovel two forkfulls into their mouths (I had a bit less too, but not THAT much).  Anyway, the feeling of real food was initiall so good, but about 15 minutes after I was done, my tummy hurt so much from eating, and from eating so fast.  Anyway, so they sent lasagna and fruit salad home.  I'm so excited, and I love those people.

I've also been getting along with the girls again.  I think it's mostly Amanda, because when she went home for the weekend, they were totally friendly, and didn't tell me that I'm too weird (as often as usual).  Amanda is nice... just... I don't think she realizes that she says stuff that hurts me.  But anyway, she was home for the weekend, and I had a great time.  I'm going to share my lasagna with Paula because she's a veggie too, and it REALLY does go against my diet...

So I love you Tera, I have two essays to write, and some studying to do by Wednesday (LAST DAY OF CLASSES!!!!), so I should get on that.  I'm writing my  écriture about you, so it should be pretty easy.  I love you, and I hope things start looking up for you.  Well, I think they will no matter what, because it's almost Christmas, and I love you more than anything else in the world!!! 


P.S. This is Sean


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