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Trap shoot:

All year
First Sunday of each month.
9:00 AM till? 50 bird Lewis. Draw pot. $12.00
25 bird Practice round. $3.00

Thursday evenings shoot start after 5:00 PM.

Food available:
Special of the evening with pop corn.
Coffee, Hot chocolate, and Pop.
Sometimes desserts: Apple Dumpling and Brownies.

Memorial Trap Shoot

On April 6, 2003 the Fulton County Sportsmen's Club had their first annual Memorial Trap Shoot. It was decided that every spring one shoot would be designated as the Memorial Shoot and trophies would be given out for the adult and youth winners. Last year the shoot was held in honor of long-time trap shooter, Ron "Smitty" Smith from Delta. Ronnie had recently passed away from cancer. He was a well known and well liked trap shooter who shot a lot of trap at all of the different clubs. Over the years he participated in the American Grand held in Vandalia, Ohio and in many other big events. The winners of that first Memorial Shoot were: 1st Place, Carl Sunderman; 2nd Place, Larry Dow; 3rd Place, Roger Brenner and Youth Winner was A. J. Brenner. The tentative date for this year's shoot will be the first Sunday in June. Watch your Web Site for further information about the date and plan to attend this fun event.

Trap Winners
Sunday, Aug. 1, 2004

First Class: Second Class:
Larry Dickerson 50-50-50

Mike Kujawski 50-50-50

Mike Kujawski 49-46-3

Gary Camburn 49-40-9

Alvin Oberhaus 46-35-1

Don Thourot 46-17-17

Rick Snow 46-16-14

Bill Kirkendall 46-15-9

Third Class Fourth Class
Don Thourot 44-23-2

Jim Armitage 44-18-1

Chuck Miller 44-16-1

Chuck Hottinger 44-12-11

Gregg Tester 42-16-0

Gregg Tester 42-14-14

Pete Veeley 42-13-1

Fifth Class  
Bill Kirkendall 39-16-1

Bruce Roth 39-12-0


Draw Pot was #43 Mike Thourot, Maurice DeWese, Butch Kujawski and Tom Vollmar

Fulton County Sporsmen Club Trap Shoot Aug. 1,2004
    Trap TrapTotal Fwr Rev  
Name One Two ScoreRun R-Run First Class
1 Larry Dickerson2525 5050 50 1st
2 Mike Kujawski25 25 5050 50 2nd
3 Mike Kujawski2524 4946 3 3rd
4 Gary Camburn2524 4940 9 4th
5 Butch Kujawski25 24 4929 20  
6 Pete Veeley2424 4832 4  
7 Paul Karris2522 4733 1  
              Second Class
8 Avin Oberhaus2521 4635 1 1st
9 Don Thourot2224 4617 17 2nd
10 Rick Snow2323 4616 14 3rd
11 Bill Kirkendall2323 4615 9 4th
12 Tom Vollmer2422 4614 0  
13 Chuck Hotttinger2421 4530 0  
14 Skip Shufelt2223 4516 5  
              Third Class
15 Don Thourot2321 4423 2 1st
16 Jim Armitage2321 4418 1 2nd
17 Chuck Miller2123 4416 1 3rd
18 Chuck Hottinger2222 4412 11 4th
19 Tom Vollmar2122 4321 0  
20 Maurice DeWese2320 4318 2  
21 Butch Kujawski2419 4314 2  
22 Mike Thourot2122 4311 10  
              Fourth Class
23 Gregg Tester2220 4216 0 1st
24 Gregg Tester2220 4214 14 2nd
25 Pete Veeley2220 4213 1 3rd
26 Wayne Waner2220 4210 1  
27 Dale McCullough1922 4115 15  
28 Jim Bice2318 4113 2  
29 Scott Baldwin2021 4112 6  
30 Phil DeWese2119 4011 6  
              Fifth Class
31 Bill Kirkendall2217 3916 1 1st
32 Bruce Roth2118 3912 0 2nd
33 Judy Kujawski1915 346 2  
34 Marv Eis1516 3111 0  
35 Anthony Vaughn159 244 0  



Junior Trap Shooter

Club member and Wauseon High School Junior, Allen "A. J." Brenner, is one of the country's top trap shooters. A. J. became interested in trapshooting after taking a hunters' safety course when he was 12 years old. He watched members of the Club shooting trap and he asked his dad, Roger, to let him try the sport. A. J. started out shooting a .410 shotgun and credits Club member Don Thourot for explaining the sport and for helping him get started. It wasn't very long before he progressed to a 20 gauge over/under shotgun and then finally to his 12 gauge. He became a lifetime Amateur Trapshooting Association member in late 1999 and shot his first "registered" official targets in February 2000. Since then A. J. has received state honors and has been named to the Ohio State Trapshooting Team three years running. Late in 2003 he was selected to the 2004 All American Sub-Junior Team. His achievements have earned him recognition in Trap and Field Magazine. This is all pretty amazing - especially considering he has only been competing for about 4 years.

A. J. registers approximately 15,000 targets a year and shoots between 15,000 and 20,000 practice targets. During a typical competition he participates in three events and shoots about 300 rounds. Yardages at these events range from 16 yards to 27 yards and A. J. currently shoots from the 26.5 yard line.

Last year A. J. participated in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin State Shoots, the Southern Grand (Florida), The Grand American (World Championship) in Vandalia, Ohio and the Missouri Fall classic and he has a full schedule planned again for this season.

During the "off" season A. J. can usually be found at the Club on Thursday evenings and the first Sunday of the month shooting trap and working to continue to improve his scores. A. J.'s dad, Roger, also shoots trap and his mom, Teresa, can usually be found helping to score rounds. The Brenner's are great ambassadors for trapshooting and the Fulton County Sportsmen's Club!