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Save The Chalk Foundation

Ok, here Is a place to type little things about chalk that I found.

These are things to remember at all times. 

1. Never right click.

2. Never kill chalks.

3. Right Clicking kills chalks.

4. Because Chalks are easily swayed by the lure of crack, it is not difficult to get them to do anything.

5. Do not bribe chalk!

6. Do not taste chalk!

7. Chalks are on the endangered species list.



Our Mission:

It is our mission here at the STCF to bring well being and safety to chalks of all colors. They are being hunted and killed into submission, destroying the subsequent ecosystems in the process. How will the Turkeys live with out chalk you ask? And that is why we are here. How will the poison ivy grow without chalk you ask? That also is why we are here. How can we defeat SARS without chalk? We are here now chalk, so you don't have to worry.
The mission statement of the STCF is clearly stated as follows: we save chalk must and the prevent wasteful kind its slaughtering of. 
There are disturbing pictures in the picture section that can change even the most cruel chalk killer's heart.




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