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Fan Art

Ok, here Is a place to type little things about chalk that I found.

These are things to remember at all times. 

1. Never right click.

2. Never kill chalks.

3. Right Clicking kills chalks.

4. Because Chalks are easily swayed by the lure of crack, it is not difficult to get them to do anything.

5. Do not bribe chalk!

6. Do not taste chalk!

7. Chalks are on the endangered species list.


       Warning:  The following pictures are extremely graphic in nature!  Not for the faint of heart.  These are rare moments of the    effects and lives of chalk, caught in full color glory.  Take pride in the amazing lives of chalk.


Galvo without chalk is like Michael Jackson without child concubines.



Thanks go to Brett for taking this amazing picture of communist bear's effects on the chalk population at large.

This anonymous artist expresses the most simple of chalk feelings: Suicidal Love



Copyright 2003 Save The Chalk Foundation