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Zeonic Mobile Suits
Note*:all Ms only come with close combat weapons and weapons not listed at the bottom of the page. Every thing listed under weapons just tells you what that MS is capable of useing.

MS-05 The first MS the Zeons built. It is the model on which subsequent Zaku has been Based. As the war rages on, the Zaku II replaced this model, but many pilots favored the old Zaku I.Cost:$15,000
Height:17.5m * Weight:50.3t *Weight with equipment:65.5t *Genator output:899kw *Thruster output:40,700kg *Sensor range radius:2900m * Armor material:Super Hard steel *Weapons:120mm Zaku Machine gun, 120mm Zaku Bazooka, Heat hawk.

MS-06F The upgrade of th Zaku I. The Zaku II has better performance rate then the Zaku I and more verations are in the making. This model has a Shield on the right shoulder for more protechtion. Many pilots perfer the Zaku I more over all still today.Cost:$30,000
Height:17.5m*Weight:56.2t*Weight with equipment:70.3t*Generator output:976kw*Thruster output:45,400kg*Sensor range:3200m*Armor Material: Super Hard Steel*Weapons:120mm Zaku Machine gun, 240mm Zaku Bazooka, Heat hawk.

MS-06FS This is the Zaku II that zeon first made. It had alot higher rateing then the Zaku I. Due to the huge Price, Zeon didn't massproduce this model. Instead they useally use it for good pilots like Garma and Char.Cost:40,000
Height:17.5m*Weight:56.2t*Weight with Equipment:70.3t*Geneator output:976kw*Thruster output:51,600kg*Sensor range:3200m*Armor Material:Super hard steel*Weapons:120mm Zaku Machine Gun, 240mm Zaku Bazooka, Heat hawk.

MS-07-B Developed for Ground combat the Gouf is armed with an anti-MS heat rod and other special weapons. Production rate is slow but, many verations are in the making.$60,000
Height:18.2m*Weight:58.5t*Weight with equipment:75.4t*Generator output:1034kw*Thruster output:40,700kg*Sensor range radius:3600m*armor material:Super hard Steel*Weapons:5x75mm machine gun, heat rod, heat saber.

MA-04X The Principality of Zeon had begun developing experimental mobile armor during the early stages of the One Year War, and one of the earliest designs was the spacegoing MA-04X Zakrello. Rather than the agile and multi-role concept used in mobile suits, the Zakrello mobile armor was designed with speed and firepower in mind. It was equipped with a high-output generator to power its scattering beam cannon, and mounted large enough thrusters to give it tremendous acceleration. It also mounted a pair of pincer-like blades for high-speed, slicing melee attacks. However, what the Zakrello enjoyed in speed it lacked in agility, making it highly prone to taking fire and being unable to dodge attacks.Cost:$50,000
Height:around 25.0m*Weight:185.0t*Generator output:unkown*Thruster output:unkown*Sensor range radius:unkown*Armor material:Super hard Steel*Weapons:Mega scatering particle cannon

Zeon Weapons

120mm Zaku Machine Gun This is the main weapon used by zeon forces. Easy to produce and very powerfull. But due to the power of the weapon the Zaku is bound to useing two hands to shoot this gun.Cost:$1,000
Ammo:Drum feed, 100 rounds. An MS can carry up to 2 Drums (+1 on the Gun) Short burst:10 rounds
Long Burst:30 rounds

240mm Zaku Bazooka A mecha sized Bazooka made for Anti-Armor. This, like the Zaku Machine gun, has a very nice kick and takes to hands for steady non stop fire.Cost:$3,000 ammo:clip fed, 4 rounds. MS may carry up to 2 clips.(=1 in the gun)
Single Shot:1 round