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These are the general rules you will have to follow as a member of this RPG. Please make sure you read them all carefully. If you break any of these rules, the punishment could be anything from suspension from the RPG to total banning. There's no excuse for not knowing the rules of a RPG before you join it. Do not assume that they are the same as some other RPG that you've been in before, because, chances are, they're not, and you'll get into trouble for assuming so.
The Staff's word is the final word, so respect them. The most important thing for any of you to remember is that the power stops with me, the GM. No member will argue with a GM or other staff member/moderator about the rules. They are undisputed and you will follow them, or you'll suffer the consequences. It's simply, none of us are dickheads, we just ask that you respect others and obey what we lay down.
No Flaming!This is always the first rule of conduct to be followed here. We do not, under any circumstances, allow insulting, racist, degrading or inappropriate remarks to be posted on the forum. Ever. Do it and you face suspension or banning depending on how bad the flame is.
There will be no favoritism on the part of the Staff. Don't worry about anyone favoring anyone else. Don't expect to become a Newtype just because you're friends with me. Don't kiss my ass either, I don't like that. Treat the GMs and staff as well as you'd treat anyone else, and expect nothing out of a friendship with me, other than my own friendship. I don't want to hear anyone complain that I favor someone else either. Any decision that I or the staff make is based souly on the performance of the said character, and that's final.
No playing more than one character. You get one person and only one person, understand that if I find out you're playing multiple characters both shall be deleted, and you will be banned definitely.
Read through all the sections before joining. I want you to know what you're getting into before you join, so I don't have to delete your character after you go inactive because you found some things you didn't like after you joined. Make sure you look through this thouroughly before joining, and make sure you are sure you want to join.
No explicit or unnecessarily offensive language. By this it isn't meant that your character can't curse. That would be ridiculously unrealistic. All we mean is that you should use curses in moderation, simply to flavor your RPs. Using it mostly in dialogue and character inner monologue is best. It's not necessary for general descriptions.
Do not bother the Staff constantly with e-mails or Ims. I don't want you asking me when you can be a Newtype, who's gonna become one, who will die in the next battle, when the next battles is, so on and so on. I will have conversations with you about some of that stuff, but what I don't want to tell you, I will not tell you, so bugging me won't help you.
Don't ask questions that are answered either here
Unauthorized missions are not permitted. Don't just take your mobile suit and fly away from your ship to go on a personal little mission or something like that. In some situations such actions will be allowed, but you must keep in mind, if you join either the Federation of the Zeon, you are expected to be where you are assigned. Leaving your ship for some personal reason is going AWOL, it is not allowed in any military and can get you court martialed, so before doing any of that, expect consequences. I want you to be free to Roleplay in a large environment, so you'll be stationed somewhere on a colony or a city or something like that, until you are sent to a battle, which then you'll be relegated to a ship, which you can be on for quite some time before and after the battles itself, before returning to your post. Keep that in mind.
Do not, under any circumstances, say you are any other rank than what you have been given. Promotions in rank are decided by the staff and then OKed by me. You will not be a Lieutenant or a Commander when you start, so don't RP that you are. You aren't an ace pilot either. Most of you, when you start, are fresh, green, and new to the whole experience of combat. Certain idividuals will be allowed to have limited combat experience, but only that.
There will be no instances of child abuse, sexual abuse, rape or other offensive acts in this RPG, nor will you make topics on it.Subjects of that nature will earn any member immediate banning. That sort of thing is repugnant, and there's no place for it in this RPG.
No Bunnying or GodmoddingBunnying is taking control of characters other than your own in order to make the storyline go the way you want it to. This is not only rude, but also disrespectful to the other player(s) and against the very idea of 'role-playing' since the action is supposed to be random according to whatever the other person is thinking or feeling at the time. His or her character would react differently than you think he or she would, so don't presume to control him/her. Godmodding is similar in that it's cheating the system. When somebody godmods, he or she manipulates the situation his or her character is in at the time so that said character comes out without a scrape. For example, if your mobile suit were disarmed and facing someone in a Gelgoog holding a two sided beam saber and a beam rifle, to say that your character's suit suddenly rushes forward, knocks aside the sword, steals the rifle and shoots the enemy suit would be godmodding. It's up to the moderators to say whether you'd succeed or not. Instead, state your intention in the role-play and begin the action and the moderator in charge will judge whether or not you succeeded. This rule is bendable ONLY when you're writing your own solo storyline and the outcome doesn't appreciably affect any other characters or the moderators' / administrator's storyline.
No trolling. By this we mean don't reply pointlessly to every OOC thread there is simply because you want to make a silly comment or get attention. If your posts have no relevance, then they shouldn't be taking up room on the forum. "Lol" is NOT a relevant reply to a topic.
And lastly, remember these rules and follow them. These rules are not simply here for our amusement, so make sure you obey them. If you don't, expect consequences to be serious for you and your character. We are leniant but repeat offenders will be delt a serious blow, ranging from temporary suspension of forum priveleges to permanent banning. You have been warned.