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Submarine A basic older-model underwater vessel with a crew of 12 and equipped with 6 torpedoes. Its also capable of carrying an underwater mobile suit. Cost: $6000

Himalaya-Class Carrier A newer model ocean carrier equipped with 2 twin cannons, 7 artillery cannons, 7 missile launchers, and 12 machine guns. Its also capable of carrying 1 infantry regiment (45 squads), 20 aircraft, and 6 mobile suits, along with its own crew of 300 / Earth Federation Product. Cost: $120,000

APB(Armored PAtrol Boats)-These deadly Sea units Are dispacthed in small swarms,where they over take the enemys on shore or on sea.Heavly Coated Titanium armor and 6 33mm Vulcan guns,8 torpedos,and 1 missle make these units make these Deadlier then any boat/Cost:12,000