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Federal Mobile Suits
RB-79 Ball units were used by the Federation to repel Zeon MS while their own MS were in develapment. Thry are based on industrail space pods with upgraded armor and weaponry. Because of the simple design, modification is easy, and each unit features its own umique weapons.Cost:$2,000
Height:12.8m*Weight:17.2t*Weight with equipment:25.0t*Generator output:400kw*Thruster output:24,000kg*Sensor range radius:4000m*Armor Material:Hard alloy*Weapons:120mm cannon

RGM-79Not initially taking the threat of "mobile suits" seriously, the Earth Federation was a latecomer during the One Year War when it came to development and production of its own mobile suits to counter the Principality of Zeon. Based on combat data from the RX-78-2 Gundam's "learning computer" system and experimental GM-type units such as the RGM-79[E], the Federation's first true mass-production unit was simply named the RGM-79 GM. Though the first GM units weren't available until UC November 0079.Cost:$25,000
Height:18.0m*Weight:41.2t*Weight with equipment:58.8t*Generater output:1,250*Thruster output:55,480kg*Sensor range radius:6000m*Armor Material:titanium alloy*Weapons:100mm machine gun, Beam spray gun, Beam saber

RX-77However, the Guncannon was designed as a mid-range fire support unit, and its primary armament was its shoulder-mounted 240 mm cannons. The main drawback to this was the cannons' limited ammunition supply, but an experienced pilot learned to use the ammo conservatively and effectively to stay in battle longer (as Guncannon pilot Kai Shiden had to learn the hard way). Initially, only one RX-77-2 survived a Zeon attack on the Side 6 colony when Project V was uncovered, and this unit was transferred to the Federation assault carrier White Base, where it continued to serve until the end of the war. A second Guncannon unit was later pieced together and added to White Base's mobile suit complement, with the two units designated "C-108" and "C-109".$40,000
Height:17.5m*Weight:51.0t*Weight with equipment:70.0t*Generator output:1380kw*Thruster output:51,800kg*Sensor range radius:6000m*Armor Material:luna titanium*Weapons:100mm Machine Gun, 240mm cannon x2.

RX-75Mass-produced version of the RX-75 Guntank. This model abolished the core block system, decreasing the pilot's combat safety; however its upper body is capable of turning, which is an improvement over the original.Cost:$15,000
Height:15.0m*Weight:56.0t*Weight with equipment:80.0t*Generater output:878kw*Thruster output:none*Sensor range radius:6000m*Armor material:luna titanium*Weapons:120mm low recoil cannonX2, 4 gunlauncherX2.

RGM-79(E)Only a few units of the GM Type E were produced and placed into actual combat for testing. One of these units was operated by Sergeant Terry Sanders, Jr., who became one of the Federation's first ace mobile suit pilots by scoring six enemy kills in his GM. Cost:$30,000
Height:18.0m*Weight:48.2t*Weight with equipment:61.0t* Generator output:1,390*Thruster output:49,000kg*Senor Range radius:6000m*Armor material:luna titanium*Weapons:100mm MAchin gun, Beam saber.

Federation weapons

100mm Machine gun A mass-produced machine gun. Very easy to handle. Clips are stored on the sides of the waste.Cost:$1,000
Short Burst=3
Long Burst=9
Ammo:clip feed. 20 Rounds, carrys 2 clips (+1 in the gun).

Beam Spray gun A small beam weapon. Not a very good long range weapon but it fairs very well in closer combats.Cost:$3,000
Single Shot=1 round
Ammo:E-cap. 30 rounds, E-cap can not be changed in the field.