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Barracks – Used to support a platoon (5 squads) of troops. Required for troop containment on any base. Cost: $5,000

Fuel Depot – Can support enough fuel for 15 tanks, 10 small aircraft, 2 large aircraft, 6 mobile suits, or 10 trucks, and EXTREMELY volatile. Cost: $5,000

Tower - Used to spot enemy attacks upon entering its territory. Although depending on terrain the enemy (if in a small band) may take the element of surprise in covered areas. Cost: $2,000

Prison – Holds up to 50 prisoners and 20 soldiers for the more merciful or used as holding prisoners for ransom. Cost: $10,000

Wall - Creates a large wall for stopping sieges of enemy troops and tanks. It covers a side for a coordinate area of a square. Cost: $15,000

Research Facility – Creates 5 tech points each week per facility. These points are to be used on the technology page. Cost: $10,000

Radar Dish – Determines nearest enemy armor in the coordinate area next to its location. Has a crew of 6 operators. Cost: $10,000

Executive Holding – Holds officers who are more suitable for an office with fitting luxuries. This is a high-security checkpoint on any base or field, and is guarded with great care by infantry or troops. Cost: $11,000


Note – Buildings are for colonies only. Organizations may only add these to colonies they control. Note – Freelance must pay for their stay and occupation of each building depending on the Taxing set up by organizations occupying the colonies.

Low-Status Residential Building – Poor apartment complex that is commonly known as the slums. This is for freelancers who gain low wages depending on their job, or don’t want to spend too much money on living spaces. Supports enough room for up to 100 residents and 10 freelance members. Cost: $10,000

Moderate Residential Building – Good apartment complex for the basic residents. Can support enough room for up to 50 residents and 5 freelance members. Cost: $15,000

Royal Residential Building – More suitable for celebrities or a richer class of society. These buildings may attract the wealthier spendthrifts and create a more luxurious living space for colonies. Can support up to 50 residents and 5 freelance. Cost: $20,000

Commercial Block – Can support jobs for up to 25 residents and 3 shops or 1 department store for freelance (with independent jobs). Cost: $10,000

Dock Station Bay – Used to create jobs and cargo space for freelance whether it is a repair station or cargo hangar. They can support 3 small bays or 1 large one. A small bay can hold 1 mobile suit or a shuttle, and a large bay can hold 3 mobile suits or 3 shuttles. Cost: $10,000