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Jet- A very old model fighter/ bomber that is equipped with 1 ant-air craft machine gun and 4 bombs. Although it is ancient machinery at times, it is cheap and efficient. Many are still used today and in surplus. Cost: $4,000

Medea- This flight unit was developed as a supply plane, and the center has a detachable storage bay. This plane has six engines, five rotors, and is equipped with a VTOL(Vertical Take-Off and landing)system. It does possess anti-air gund, but is not a very effective combat unit. Can carry three MS or a company of troops. Federation product. Cost:$10,000

Dragon Fly- A small one-man ferry plane that flies by propeller, and is good for use as a reconnaissance plane since it is so small. Federation Product. Cost:$200.

Don Escargot- An attack plane that is deadly against bombarding troops. It a bit slower than a jet, but its main attack strength lies with its multiple anti-air craft guns. Is equipped with 6 anti-air machine guns. Federation product. Cost:$6,000

Fly Manta- A very versatile fighter/bomber plane available for almost any mission on earth. It is equipped with 6 micro-missiles and 2 anti-air machine guns. Federation product. Cost:$5,000

Dopp- A small attack jet developed by the Zeon Forces. It is capable of fighting within the Minovsky particle range. With six vulcan cannons and two missle launchers and very high agilty, this is a very strong machine when in numbers. Zeon product. Cost:$3,000

Combat helicopter -The zeon's combat helicopter utilizes a double-blade rotor system. This gives the unit a high level of maneuverability. It has a two-man crew: one pilot and one gunner, On the back of the chopper is a cargo container that can carry either supplies or a compny of troops. This chopper possesses unguided missiles and Vulcan canons on its wings. These weapons are insufficient against MS. Hence, once the Federation began using MS, these choppers were used soley for reconnaissance missions. Zeon product. Cost:$2,000

Fan Fan -A small weak hover craft that is equipped two Five tube missle luanchers. Seats 2 Pilots.Federation product. Cost:$4,000