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Capsule Corporation

Welcome to the Capsule Corporation Guild Website. This website is dedicated to inform and help members out. I made a new layout its more basic and easier to manage. Way better than the old one. I hope everyone enjoys it, because I enjoy it already. I put it on a new server, so images will work and overall the performance and speed has improved. The banner on top is only temporary, I will upload the newest one as soon as I create it. Please submit banners and buttons you've created to thankz

President of Capsule Corporation - Neofighter520

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Welcome to Capsule Corporation - Latest News & Upcoming Events
Guild Information

What we offer to you

- Free food for hungry pets
- Free medicine for your pets. Coverage depending on your level
- Battledome training help 24/7
- HUGE referal Benifits bring friends anyone and get rewarded
- Ideas & Help To Make NP 24/7
- Cheaper rare Items for trade
- A Journal Created by the people for the people

Do you want to join?

It's too easy to join the best guild in Neopia. Just click here to sign up. If you have MSN or AOL, we would like you to add members.

How to help and get help

1) Read the other sections of this web site to get a better understanding of the guild.
2) Fill out and submit a Squad application.
3) Refer all your neofriends to the guild
4) Submit picture or get one referal and battle once per week
5) Donate to the various Guild shops, and get your rank upgraded. Remember higher rank higher chances of winning contests,  and 24/7 health care, and food.

If you have any questions, post on the guild board, neomail anyone of the council. Last resort send them to

Please come and check out everything in this web site. There is a section about the guild itself. A section where you can read about the council members. A list of benefits and a run down of the contests going on. Some of our members write a newspaper called the Capsule Journal, the aofficial newspaper of the Capsule Corporation Guild. Please feel free to look. But to contribute, you need to sign up with the guild so do it today. Capsule Corp

Rules to the guild

The Basics

1. No Spamming.
2. Advertising other guilds is NOT allowed.
3. Try not to swear, however we wont be too strict on this
5. Most important rule have fun!!Have fun!!

Top Donator(s):

Top Donator(s) Ever: Gokuson has donated 2, 000np
Top Donator This Week: Gokuson has donated 2, 000np
thank you!
Click below to bid on as much np you can

(remember,if someone beats you in 3 days,
you can try to top their offer again and again,
until its you are victorious)
The more you donate the more and better contests you get,
also better chances of winning great prizes!


Recrute people(s): Recruit members into this guild,
and they must say that he/she was referred by you.
The person with the most recruits will win 2 codestone of their choice.
so far darklustermagician has recruited one person...
do you think you can beat that before the week ends!