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 These tips will help you make np. These tips are better if you follow them to the best of your ability. There will be a millionaire guide up soon also. These tips can be used by anyone, even non members of capsule corporation. Remember this is only a guide, it doesn't gaurantee a lot of np. You should tweak the guide for your use. Add your own steps. Also if you have any other tips submit them and ill put them up. I hope the guide helps out good luck.

Capsule Corporation President - Neofighter520

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Welcome to Capsule Corporation - NP Making tips

Capsule Corp NP Making Tips

NOTE: In order to get lots of np you must know how to 1:execute these tips Properly. 2: if you know how to play the stock market. 3: If your shop is where you get your np. 4: Are very good in games

* 1: Play korbats Lab every day, using up your 3 times a day limit. You can get 1000 np easily for each korbats lab game you play (That is, in other words, 2000 points in the game) If you do not get 1000np, restart until you get it. Remember, 1000np is 2000 points in the game!

* 2: Kiko Match 2. Ok, I admit that neopets should NEVER have updated kiko match, but It a good game, either way. If you play 3 times, you can get about 1000 np. Same for pokematch

* 3: Now THIS is the key to making Np. REstocks!( As in shop restocks) Now if you are patient and have a fast server, you can nab a few rare items from the local shops. I personally advise you 'hunt' for cheap items in the battle magic. They restock the most. In the battle magic look for staffs and wands of Some nova, Improved lightning beam,Pteri sword, and whatever cheap item they have that is expensive in the shop wizard and sell them.

* 5: sell any rare thing you get from restocks or you find on the floor ( unless you need a codestone or a map and you find it or something like that)

* 6: Basiclly, just play whatever game you're good at. Neopets is there for you to have fun, so happy gaming!

* 7: Poogle Solitaire answers are as follows:
29-17, 22-24, 17-29, 31-23, 26-24, 24-22, 21-23, 33-31, 16-28, 31-23, 11-25, 30-18, 13-11, 27-13, 10-12, 13-11, 11-25, 3-11, 4-16, 7-9, 16-4, 1-9, 2-10, 14-16, 16-28, 28-30, 30-18, 18-6, 9-11, 6-18, 19-17

* 8: play Wheel of Excitement as often as possible. Sometimes you will lose, but when you win it is likely to be big.

* 9: Spend about 10 minutes a day at the money tree (this will only work if you are carrying less than 10000np). pick up whatever you can. all the 1np donations and such add up, and sometimes you can get codestones and stuff.

* 10: Collect all the free things every day (tombola, snow wager, omelette, etc.). These are handy to sell or use, depending on what you get, and you certainly can't really lose when its all free to begin with.

* 11: If you have a good idea of what things sell for, then check out the jobs in faerieland. you can get jobs to find cheap stuff for tons of money.

* 12: Visit the snowager and steal from him when he's asleep. He sleeps 6-7am, 2-3pm, and 10-11pm NST.

* 13: Play Pyramids, Sahkmet Solitaire, and Scarab 21. These games are fairly easy and you can get a total of 5000np per day from each game.

* 14: Also, Neopets has made their own version of several old games that were really cool, and you can make lots of np playing them. Meerca Chase (Nibbles), Swarm (Space Invaders), Nimmo's Pond (Asteroid), Chute (Tetris).

* 15: If you can get really good at Pteriattack, that's a fairly good way to get np as well.

* 16: play destruct-o-match. its a great way to get np, and once you get the hang of it its really easy.

* 17: codebreakers, boring and monotonous, but you can get great np that way.

* 18: Auctions are an often overlooked way of making np. stake out items like paint brushes and buy them at half to 2/3 price. then sell them in your shop. They usually sell fairly quickly.

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