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 Welcome to the Capsule Contests. The Contests are a great way to win prizes. Many people say they need codestones and dubloons, or other items, well in these contests you have a chance of winning those for free!!.Remember the amount of money the guild has, the better the prizes can be, So always check how much money the guild has its on the main page, its nice to know. But usualy in a  contest I will tell you the rewards. But for now enjoy the contests. and if you have any suggestions for contests neomail neofighter520

Capsule Corporation President - Neofighter520

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Welcome to Capsule Corporation - Hyperbolic Capsule Chamber

Hyperbolic Capsule Training Station

Welcome fellow saiyans. This is the Hyper-bolic Capsule Training station. In the capsule you may train your pet to ascend to the next level, and beyond. Your pet will undergo, intense training. You may also aqcuire a couple of BD items on the way.

You may be battered and bruised when done, but you will be indeed stronger. In the capsule, you will train for a week. The capsule has 7 mystical codestones in it. This is how your pet will train. However only a certain amout of people can fit in the capsule at a time. But this is no ordinary training capsule its hyperbolic, meaning it can train several pets, in a short amount of time. Those who are not actually in the capsule, may also get the chance to aqcuire new battledome items. Amulets, faerie wands, novas, lightning beams, faeries and much more.
The capsule is indeed very very powerful, that's why it needs some time to recharge after each use. You may know if it is recharging, by the main page, itll display whether the capsule is functioning or still charging. The capsule power is interconnected with the guilds bank. The more people that Donate np, or give items, the faster the capsule charges. Otherwise it may take a while.

Enter The Capsule
Wanna Enter the capsule?, wanna undergo intense training,
and leave with new BD items?. Its easy, The guild bank,
will stock items priced at 499np each,
these items cannot be used as a way to get upgraded.
The more items you buy at 499
the better your chances of being selected.
Also the higher your rank, the better. Every purchase at 499,
will be recorded in the Guild banks history,
and you will be selected at random for training.
Remember the more people that donate np,
and items, the faster the capsule recharges.
Check out the Guild Bank and buy an item priced at 499 today.

Good luck in your training
Who knows you might ascend to the next level


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