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Saturday, November 8    

I feel just like Amerigo Vespucci or someone else who discovered the obvious
I just tried Yoplait's "Very Vanilla" light yogurt, and it was freakishly good. It was kind of like vanilla pudding but with that sweet, sweet taste of "look at me, I'm eating something healthy because it's got no fat yet it does have active yogurt cultures and loads of yummy calcium to keep my bones from being brittle shells from all the caffeine I consume." Now, I don't know why active yogurt cultures are good for you, but I've always been told that they were. And I trust that.

Also, what is it about yogurt that makes me feel so girly all of a sudden? Why don't men eat yogurt?

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Design on demand
Today, I received my very first Vern Yip newsletter. I'd forgotten that I'd signed up for it way back when I first fell for Vern on Trading Spaces. His site has lots of good tips and such for designing, but let's face it: I'm not going to design anything. If everything matches kinda okay, then I'm happy. But I was excited to read this: "Every product also comes in a custom fitted black cloth logo bag which is great for gift giving or for protective storage. I am so stoked about this and I hope that you’ll share in my excitement!"

First, someone needs to buy me something so that I can get the fitted black cloth logo bag. Second, Vern said "stoked." I love Vern.

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We are family
As part of the epic movement that is sweeping my site like a glacier, I've finally updated my family gallery, which should matter to approximately three of you out there. But if you want to check out the hotties in my family, feel free to go take a look.

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Friday, November 7    

You'll never hear that again
"I have no opinions."

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Overly independent, or not nearly needy enough
I have a hard time admitting that I can't do something on my own; I don't like to ask for help. I could give you a lot of psycho-babble bullshit about being raised by a single mother and the importance of independence to me as a feminist, but really, I just don't like people interfering in my life. Most of the time, I'm proud of this trait -- definitely it's a great feeling when your ex looks at you with raised brow and says, "I don't think anyone would call you needy" -- but it can get in the way of getting things done. Last night, I finally admitted I needed help. I didn't like it. Let's not do that again, okay?

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Thursday, November 6    

By the numbers
TQ always has cool e-mails he can pull up and quote on his blog. I went through my box, and I've got bupkus. I mean, really. How trivial am I? Turns out, very.

I have 6,105 messages in my "sent" folder; I have nine folders on my desktop; six unanswered messages in my inbox; and on Nov. 6, 2002, I sent seven messages. And after looking through all of that, I found out that "Tonight" is my most frequently used subject head.

This pointless post brought to you by the letter J.

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Wednesday, November 5    

You smoke the day's last cigarette, remembering what she said
My friends and I went to Newbury Comics on our lunch break. Leigh wanted to snag the new Sarah McLachlan CD and April and I were just along for the ride. Until we saw Bob Seger's Greatest Hits on sale. And then it was all over. We rocked it out old-school all the way back to work. Turn the Page is the best fucking song ever (a statement I declared repeatedly at the store, causing the slightly edgier clerk to give me the disdainful eyebrow).

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Where I'd rather be
Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla is out. I saw it at the grocery store last night and was so excited, I just bought it. I went home and immediately started reading, stopping only to watch 24. I didn't want to go to sleep (but I'm a grown-up, dammit, and I have to go to work). I haven't been this eager to finish reading a book since I stayed up all night to finish A Man Rides Through. Man, I love books.

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Tuesday, November 4    

Sometimes thinking about the universe freaks me out
While listening to several student presenters at Wellesley's Tanner conference, I realized Earth is just a little tiny speck in the vastness of space. It made me kind of anxious. Once we were done talking about sunspots and Mars and such, it got easier. The next presenter talked about geology, and I haven't seen anyone so excited about rocks since I was about 6. (I used to have a rock collection. I found it a few years ago and realized I spent much of my childhood amassing the world's most boring collection of stones.)

The conference's purpose is to explore student's work outside of the classroom. When I was a student, I didn't do work outside the classroom (unless you count my job with the campus post office, which I loved). I enjoy going to these presentations because I get a little glimpse at learning for the sake of learning again. And there is something exhilarating about discovering just how little I actually learned in college.

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Monday, November 3    

Crying wolf
I hate when banks, credit card companies, etc. mark envelopes IMPORTANT when really they are no such thing. I'm thinking, "Oh, shit, they didn't get my payment," and they're thinking, "How can we get her to spend more money?" Just to be clear: No money=important. Raising interest rates 300%=important. Offering me a new loan=not important.

I ripped open the notice I received today because I had a momentary flare of panic that this time, it would actually be important. It, of course, was not. But I've felt that flare of panic all day, like my life is at a crossroad, like something is going to change, like something is going to happen. Something important.

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