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Friday, March 14    

Losing my art
Caption writing is a lost art. I don't know where I lost it, so if you see it, let me know.

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Thursday, March 13    

Speaking of stuff that makes me want to weep openly or at least break things: Senate bans partial birth abortions. This really only increases the likelihood of my never sleeping with boys again. "New Republican Legislation Endorses Lesbianism!" Why does no one ever make that the headline?

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Because I'm having that kind of Whatever. Happy Cloud 9 Day!

"That's where you go with the intention of drinking away the rest of your lives together, the Cloud 9 hotel. You agree to meet when the one of you who went on the wagon falls off again. One of you always leaves the other behind at the Cloud 9. That way, while you're struggling to pull your life together so you can die with something more tangible than shame in your pocket, in the back of your mind you can believe that there's someone back at the Cloud 9 sprawled in a comfy chair trying not to put the bottle down because when it's set on the end table it blocks the HBO."

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Wednesday, March 12    

Word Geeks Unite!
The Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus is wicked cool. It's fascinating to see the relationships between words. An excellent way for those of us who write to waste our time, searching for the ever-elusive inspiration.

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There is joy in the land
And it is me. Villanova upset UConn last night, 52-48, to win the Big East tournament. The loss breaks UConn's 70-game winning streak and brings me untold amounts of joy. ESPN even has the news on their front page (for now). Let the March Madness begin.

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Tuesday, March 11    

I don't know what kind of freaky Netflix thinks I am, but my two spotlight recommendations today were Prophecy II and Warlock: The Armageddon. They clearly have not been referencing my queue. (Netflix, in addition to many other things, has won my favor by re-introducing the word "queue" into the vernacular. My friends and I frequently discuss our queues when talking movies.)

Genius Labs idea: Making queues public. I always want to know what other people are watching...or waiting to watch, in this case. It's like the Amazon wishlist, but better.

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Monday, March 10    

In honor of Leigh: Nuggets. Everyone should have more snugs and nugs.


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The Vegan Challenge
So, it's Stone's birthday today, and he's a vegan. Which is cool for him and (it turns out) for me, because it presents me with The Vegan Challenge. AKA, how to make a birthday cake with no eggs, milk, or butter. Luckily, I have a vegetarian roommate who owns the Moosewood. I made their deep chocolate vegan cake, and it was yummy.

In fact, I just finished my second piece of it. Vegan cake is officially a good time.

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Thwarted at Every Turn
I'm a little hesitant to buy the new Ani, Evolve, since To the Teeth was wretched. So I thought I'd be smart and listen to the clips on Amazon. I used Netscape/Real Player first. Computer crashed. Okay, I'll switch over to IE. Computer crashed. Okay, I'll try Windows Media Player. Uh-huh. Crash and burn, baby.

That is absolutely the last time I try to listen to music at work.

And definitely the last time I try to be smart.

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