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My Old Rant Column :P

Wednesday 5 May 2004

The current mood of Rosette@blackdove.cjb.net at www.imood.com

Actually, unfortunately no one will be seeing any of those photos as they didn't turn out, aside from the fact the photos shop took it upon themselves to remove half of the photos 13/26 and most of my negatives were blank, most of my photos I took, including the cosplayers, are non existent... kind of like if I didn't take a camera at all but thought I had one... really disappointing, I am now kicking myself even harder for not taking the cam-corder... >:@

SO I'm just going to fill in the previous rant in more detail like a diary so I can remember it all, the Photos I took outside and in my room came out mostly though.. which really annoys me, Supanova was a really well lit place, even with the faulty flash the photos SHOULD have had decent exposure.. unless someone at the shop F**KED up *GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

If the Supanova site host any pictures of their own, or if anyone out there has some I would really like to get some ... what a miserable way to remember my first con >.<

List Of Proposed Photos(first is the original, second is the slightly altered/touched)

1) Eric Vale (I did say long distance)

2) Eric Vale (did I mention long distance?)

3) Fan Art (so hazy...)

4) Fan Art (so very hazy)

5) Ben Snow (my gawd.. its HUGH JACKMAN no.. the guy next to him is Ben Snow :P)

6) Umbreon Cosplayer (strange lady crawling on the ground)

7) Umbreon Cosplayer (she walked away from the stage LOL)

8) Sailor Scout Cosplayers (Moon, Venus, Jupiter)

9) Vash Cosplayer (Tall, red trench, gun :P)

10) Little Yugi Moto Cosplayer (aww lil kiddie)

11) Cosplayers group

12) Cosplayers group 2

13) Sayaman Cosplayer

14) GT Trunks Cosplayer

15) Megan Hollingshed

16) Megan Hollingshed and me (see.. that's my Darkheart folder dammit.. and her hand...I think..)

17) Stormtrooper cosplayers with me

18) Wharf 8 the building (looking back at the happy place...)

19) VFA 2003 major work (its against a 6 ft fence ok... that thing is almost as big as I am... >.>;;)

20) Vegeta sitting between my computer's speakers in my room (WHERE DID _THAT_ ONE GO? I took it the same time as the other pink ones and its a fool proof camera, it don't click unless the lens is open..B*tch of a mother...)

21) Baby Poster (heh..hehe)

22) My Unicorn poster (central coast authencity :P)

23) Visual Art 2004 major work for this term (I was falling off the stool, the second image has been sharpened)

24) Visual Art 2003 major work (DOVE BULLET lol and my little thing next to it too ehhehe baby dragon.. and a pic I never scanned.. yes that's a pokemon poster... >.< LOL I sharpened it too)

25) Car :P

26) Dog I fixed it ok...:D

as you can guess.. the ones NOT here were NOT given to me... *disgruntled customer* I rest my case...

sat 1/5/04

WOW.. Supanova was cool.. really fun, when I get the photos developed you can see some of the Cosplayers LOL they were entertaining :D

Ok I wont lie.. it was fun, it was just me and my Uncle..
Firstly after getting there I wandered around with my Uncle and we stumbled across.. low and behold.. the 1:30 PM Eric Vale seminar :D *sits eagerly*

We sat and listened to him answering questions lol.. he said he was sick of Trunks saying *in character, whiney* "Don't underestimate the power of the androids!!!", he said like he had to do it 5 times in something like... one episode LOL he was really good :D
He was really inspirational, honest and open to all the questions, though I have to admit he has turned me off going for a voice acting career ^^; He told us how much work there was involved and how he made his way to where he was from his home in Dallas not going to LA to be a waiter like everyone else... He told us the whole story including the bit about him working in the Pizza Delivery place and being a bit drunk, he and his friend Tiffany (Bulma's Voice) having got a small audition portfolio went to audition and Chris Sabbot hired him LOL wow... (really, really wants to meet Chris Sabbot... when I meet him.. I swear I'm gonna tell him sometimes he sounds like CHESTER :D Vegeta is King)
ANYWAYS moving along... He mentioned how the dubbers have to re-write culture references and gave us some examples, he also mentioned his boss made him snip the plot to GT to blend to DBZ.. that meant axing the first 16 episodes to get right to the action (no wonder I was lost and Baby went down so fast...) I had to laugh though when he was complaining about the one mouth-movement fillers, he swore never to use the word "well" again in place of a strange Japanese word that only leaves room for a one word answer :D lol next in line was "right" ^^;

[He also happened to mention that DBAF is just a RUMOUR ok? So I must tell my eager little cousin :)]

LoL He also told us how young and naive he was toward being Trunks... He was asked to power up and scream for 60 seconds, He was confident "I can do that" he laughs... *gets into the booth* *screams for as long as humanly possible* *blacks out and smacks head in the booth* *comes to a while later* "Ok.. I won't try that again" LOZL

Heh... I was just imagining him passing out.. and just kept laughing...

He refused to demonstrate his SSJ POWA to us cuz he said that he'd loose his voice and we were like... "AAWWWW" and this chick ran up to the mic and pimped the Ginyu force of all people... 'course everyone was laughing AT her... not WITH her OMG Frieza couldn't have had lamer henchmen ><

LOL I’m LIKE OMFG GINYU FORCE then I thought of the dude freezing time by squeezing his butt-cheeks...instead of holding his breath LOL (

He mentioned how the script is translated then catered to fit the mouth movement of the characters (Well in GT Eric Vale was one of the script writes and he admitted to sometimes changing scenes he didn't like, "Please don't throw things at me" *begs*), then the actors are recorded a line at a time, individually, then everyone does their screaming at the end of the day and can’t talk :D hehe

Amazing what you learn...

I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to Eric Vale and get stuff signed, (Then again, like Mai I haven’t drawn Trunks) but the seminar was good, I got long distance photos :P
*sigh* but I suppose as I told my Uncle.. I REALLY wanna meet Chris Sabbot and Sean Schemmel. My Uncle was like, "HEY! That's Piccolo right?" I'm like, "YES.. and Vegeta!" *starts talking about plot* LoL It's all good he listened, not just nodded his head ^^;

NEXT we trekked around looking at all the comic booths.. everything from Marvel to Dark Horse, the figurine booths *pounced on a Buu saga Vegeta Light-up shwooshing sound figure* dammit.. he didn't have "teh M"! HEHE my mums like.... wtf

I went snooping around the TCG area in hopes of spotting Megan Hollingshed but to no avail.. she was off somewhere... We saw the guys from Kung Fu, the chick from Lexx and other people charging for autographed pictures ^^ lol yea RIGHT :D

Then we walked back to the Fan Art section, some awesome pics man ^^ and some like mine hehee

The Con wasn't REALLY big but it was decent you know.. something you could walk around and look at everything really hard for a while and then the seminars took a few minutes depending on the questions.
It's easily walked around 3 times in an hour rushed but I spent sometime from after 1 to after 4 there and I walked around the block a few times and also sat for seminars, watched card games, dubbed and subbed anime and looked over merchandise ^^ It'll get bigger when it finally gets more popular I bet, this is still a developing event, it's only been in session for a few years I think this is the 2nd or 3rd Supanova con ever o.O someone who knows, plz tell me

Opposite the Fan Art booth was the Van Helsing Animation guy from Image Light Magic (ILM), so I finally got to ask someone about why the hell the new movie was "Van Helsing" LoL I asked Ben Snow ^~
so I asked him... the Question that’s been bugging me for a while... "WHY was it called "Van Helsing" he's the Doctor from Amsterdam in Dracula that brought the myth and science together in the story" and he told me :)
He said it was like a gimmick thing, Lucas film got rights to the name and stuff, he's like .. "That's a pretty good question..." LOL ^^.. Thank you to Ms Dunsten my Extension English Teacher lol.. Gothic horror being our topic ^^; *sigh* assessment time...

I wandered back to the booth where Megan was advertised to be.. but I think they were the Nickelodeon guys I wouldn't know cuz I don't watch Pay TV. >.<
She was judging the Madman Cosplay contest, so we went to watch :D MY FIRST TIME EVER SEEING REAL LIVE COSPLAYERS! hahaha..
I took photos of the cosplayers lol... some guy was dressed like Sayaman *tapped on his shoulder* "Photo?" and he's like..."Can I do a pose?" LOL suuuure ^^
And this mega tall guy dressed as Vash from Trigun, my Uncle's like "NO WAY he SO has stilts!" so we asked.. and he's like "Nah man, I'm 16 and what you see is what you get" LOL ^_^; heh..
There was a Yuffie chick but I didn't get a photo dammit.. Sailor scouts um... Storm-troopers LOL weiiiiird LoL a guy in a box claiming to be Optimus Prime >:D some cool dude Trunks let me photograph him too LoL I'm such a suck :3

I couldn't find Buu saga posters, there was a Freiza saga one and other ones but... I dunno the Baby one was ok..
So I got this huge wall poster... Baby Vegeta and SSJ3 Goku ... I think it's Goku lol it looks like Gotenks >_<

There was a huge Cloud on his Hardy Daytona, Cloud official artwork and Blue Rinoa with pink petals (basically you know the famous FF pics) and ff10/10-2 posters... but really the only FF stuff was 10 and 10-2 LoL I know I'm lame..

I got a Yu-Gi-Oh Kaiba deck ^^; I might buy the GBA game but.. you know.. I'm like, "CARDS WHOO!" "..Yugi or Kaiba? "Dammit Yugi's deck is all fluffy... I want a Blue Eyes..!" ^o^

Returning to the Anime area we took a breather and watched some Yu-Gi-Oh, what little I saw was almost right after what was the last episode I saw before it was axed... the Kaiba brothers at their Step-Dad's island, some flash back to where we see Seto being hounded by his good old Step-Dad to work harder... bastard... lol... and Tea' talking to penguins it was genuinely weird. They had a new villain by the name of Noah or something.. damn it *Marik Deprived*

We got up after a bit and walked around the wall where a new person was standing... and finally I got to meet Megan ^_______^
First in line!
I was shaking so much my Uncle had to take the photo hahaha >.< LoL I said I was sorry I didn't get around to drawing Mai yet, but I had tried Marik, she was disappointed but she signed my Majin Neko Marik ^^;;;
She was really nice to me, my highlight of the day was talking to her hehehe. She did her Mai and Nurse Joy impressions for me :D *Was so happy* Aww I felt all special she talked to me as Mai hehehehe I really am a suck :3
She liked my pic though LoL She signed it for me*Blushes* I took my folder with some stuff but I didn't end up showing anyone *shrugs* I might have gotten somewhere but I suppose I didn't try, I wanna get better first I suppose...

Well it was a long day for me, the most exciting 3 hours I've had in months LOL .. *sad*
My Uncle has seen DBZ but he never saw Yu-Gi-Oh so when we got back to my house I whipped out my videos and by dumb luck I hadn't taped over Vegeta talking to Bulla in the car, Trunks attacking Baby and I had the duel between Malik and Mai on tape still LoL ... I should have shown him the recent DBGT for the Trunks bit, "NO THE ANDROIDS ARE BACK!!!" LOZL!!! ^o^ *sigh*

Well anyways, this concludes my Supanova rant, can't wait until next year :D

PS: I'll shove in the Photos after I get them developed and scanned, I am SO kicking myself I didn't take a Camcorder >.< That would have been unreal!


(just quickly) PROCAR are DEAD *dances* ..aww everyone wants to join the Street Sedans now :S...

And... DBGT... Trunks recognises Android 17... well.. I thought Trunks in the Cell saga was FUTURE Trunks... not Normal Trunks, Trunks was like....waiiiiiiiit Trunks wasn’t even thought of yet.. Bulma n Vegeta were totally not together LOL >:3 strange... unless...he was some how connected.... no... its.. not possible? *has confused self* I will go and concentrate on my English assessment now..argh..... ^^ BAI <3


sat 24/4/04

'Nother rant... before Supanova (if I see Jade, Ryan or their producer I AM going to hunt them down *growls*)

FRIDAY: Crush Gear (sits through it tolerantly waiting for YuGiOH)
Cuts to Ryan and Jade ... "lets go to YUGIOH" *YAY*
Cuts to Pokemon....
"Ash and Co....."
*Sobs*... *sees Larvitar and glomps it*...*sobs again* I'M MARIK DEPRIVED! and its friday, not DBGT..NO MARIK OR VEGETA! *wallows in self pity*

Ok at least it wasn't a repeat, it was about 12 eps away from PKMN AG which I don’t mind seeing.. but cutting yugioh to put it on..so close the end... AND not only that but they cut 3 eps of PKMN Master Quest from the ep we LAST saw to the first one we saw on Friday... one of them had Entei in it...:(

LOL Sydney Weekender's on TV after a John Travolta QANTAS special (WEIRD) OK this is just rambling for the hell of it...

Carla<3≈†~♥Mă®ĩķ ₤ikěs IC€ CUB€§♥~†≈~SMITING QUEEN~Miho GIULIA~DJ LHASA \PPr:Kut/ <|-|3573R R0><0RZ[RoSSoNeRi]AMC 2-1 Siena says:
well he had chocolate fondu.. ive never eaten fondu.. thats something i wanna eat before i die.. i wanna eat fondu

Carla<3≈†~♥Mă®ĩķ ₤ikěs IC€ CUB€§♥~†≈~SMITING QUEEN~Miho GIULIA~DJ LHASA \PPr:Kut/ <|-|3573R R0><0RZ[RoSSoNeRi]AMC 2-1 Siena says:
thats a life goal

-[EMPERORZ]-~((Zidar))~As darkness shrouds around my shallow grave,i wonder if i'll become its eternal slave~Majin-Minion-King~ says:
LOL and where can u find this fondu?

Carla<3≈†~♥Mă®ĩķ ₤ikěs IC€ CUB€§♥~†≈~SMITING QUEEN~Miho GIULIA~DJ LHASA \PPr:Kut/ <|-|3573R R0><0RZ[RoSSoNeRi]AMC 2-1 Siena says:
i dunno but my mum duznt have a fondu pot so thusly i have never seen fondu.. but i heard it comes in cheeze flavour

-[EMPERORZ]-~((Zidar))~As darkness shrouds around my shallow grave,i wonder if i'll become its eternal slave~Majin-Minion-King~ says:

ok this was what I was just chattin about on MSN... LOL see what the holidays have reduced me too.. My parents are at Oran Park watching the night races lol and I'm at home on the computer :P

sunday 18/4/04
I might as well add my Links Page here now though it isn’t really so organised yet, neither is my LP page I've been working on but it's just easier to add them here now :P so....

Linkin Park stuff

Link Page

mon 12/4/04

Day after Wog Fest :P ... *full*

Haven't quite found their way to the fan art ruins (not in any particular order...);

Aeris in Mako

Aeris on a wall - Watercoloured

Sketch of Aeris in the Mako (I want to hold a colouring competition, larger size of the image is available E-mail for it)

This year's artbook cover

Bad Aeris as in like.. evil.. but it's not as nice coloured as it was blk&wht :(

Bay-bee dragon sketch

Carla and a Carla Lion (old....)

"Behind BLUE EYES" heh.. pun...

Ninja Carla -materials I wanna touch it up

MAJIN NEKO MARIK LOL in pencil... not like MY MSN avatar which took FOREVER for a little box...

Mega Mix, Dark Stylez not finished, this is a premature scan, its more complete now than shown here

Headphones Listening to Remedy on 2dayfm one night I was bored (old...)

SEIFER SKETCH my first...so totally old...

Espeon and Umbreon cute nessness...(old...)

She Devil drawn for My friend's 16th

sun 11/4/04

Firstly, HAPPY EASTER (Buona Pasqua)

Secondly, I am OUTRAGED!
Ok, Cheez TV have been running their featured Cartoons over time lately, not just a couple of minutes but seriously, sometimes up to 5 minutes, Example;
Yu-Gi-Oh! started at 7:37am AEST (not 7:30am AEST) that's at least 7 minutes late, hence when I set my VCR to tape the show when I am unfortunately unable to watch it because of school or other unspecified reasons (ZZzzzzZZZ) the ending is cut off because the show ended some time after 8:04am AEST.
I'm sure at least a few people know how incredibly annoying it is when you're watching something, you're interested... and then you don't get the very final scene... its REEAAAALLLLLYYY ANNNOOOYYYIIIINNNGGGGG

Thirdly, also unfortunately concerning Yu-Gi-Oh! American Censorship, as many people are also aware of, is really CRAP, it kills the story, slices and dices and edits the frames and so on, one of the worst outcomes of American Censorship being CCS... is Yu-Gi-OH! getting to that extent?!?!
I was glancing at some
Screenshots(all the images used here are from this site, THANKS!) from the Episode revealing Odion's (Rishid's) connection with Marik's past during his duel with Joey (Aired 9/4/04 Friday morning [episode I was trying to find the end of... I see Joey about to be attacked Mai, "This is the end.....*black*....ugh...])
And I noticed the bit where Marik was attacked by the snake, the frame revealing the blood where he was struck, I did a double take remembering I was wondering where the snake had bitten Marik... now I know that the blood was edited out of the frame...like WOAH HELLO WAKE UP DBZ/GT HAS WAY WORSE (The episodes of DBZ/GT aired here are Canadian dubbed so the censorship isn't so over done).

Also looking on agitatedly I noticed the snake was skewered with a blade... hmmm funny I don't recall that event... further on, Odion after being told off for letting Marik get hurt, approaching Marik in his bed with a blade, before Marik opening his eyes and apologising... funny I don't remember this phantom blade either maybe because those frames found their way to the cutting room floor :@

And Marik's tattooing procedure was snipped, even just a picture OF his tattoos was snipped...

like.. seriously... I'm renting or buying the bloody DVD from EB now just to watch this episode and be completely satisfied I have the whole story (subtitles will be needed of course...)

I think It's about time Australia controlled it's own Anime Censorship instead of renting the American and Canadian tapes :S seriously (though the FUNimation and other Canadian ones are doing Ok so far... but 4KIDS is totally FUCKED)


Quick update I decided to become spared... though my soul shall never be free.... from Marik >:3


yes... I can see you all backing away slowly from your computers, don't you worry.....


Yeah, it's been a while between updates I know :( YEAR 11 IS WORK... I'm scared of Year 12.... today is the first day of exams, though I don't have any and I'm bludging, wanna go to the movies but I have no money and half my friends can't come they are pretending to study WAHHH :'(
A few have tests today so we even organised it as an "after test thing" but still... this sucks royally....
I have Ancient History first.. man term 1 and half yearlies already :@ I'm so annoyed...

I've been watching Yu-Gi-Hoe!? series 2, yup, still as cheesy "heart of the cards" as ever, but I like the villain :D MARIK!!! Heheh.. yes he's blonde ^~;; I do like Kaiba's new trench, very spiffy :P
I noticed with sheer delight Mai drives a Blue Peugeot in Domino City *cheers* she's SO cool!!(pg 2/3 of the screenshots link)
And I loved how Tristen gets cornered by Rare Hunters with Serenity Wheeler on his back, gets saved by Duke chucking DICE at the goons, to then come back and finishing all three of them off single handedly...LOL some screenshots...
MARIK DESERVES BETTER MIND SLAVES! *sigh* At least I'm loyal LOL I have a Marik MSN display pic almost one for every mood :D angry/evil, happy/evil, sexy/evil, tired/evil... well when random Chester, LP, Car, Miho, Landscape and Bijou pictures aren't there ^_~

Dragon Ball GT is on of the most confusing shows I've seen in a while, I'm not sure but I think the dub has a major plot flaw, I read a plot summary mentioning Baby's revenge on Sayjians for destroying his home planet but I haven't heard any REAL mention of revenge here, other than for trying to destroy him o.O;; Well, maybe because he said he gave Dr Myuu the idea for making him...so...I dunno I'm lost >.<;;; I like how all the past bad guys are in HFIL and get upgraded by the evil scientists and then get out to kill the world again LOL (Goku):"WHY WON'T YOU DIE AND STAY DEAD!!??!! Oh wait.. evil scientists, I see....." :P

*sigh again* I need to get ready for my rendezvous with my few friends, and missing out on that chance to jump on one of my friends this morning as a wake up call was a let down -_- Oh well... maybe in the holidays I'll get the chance hehee >:3 (Watch your back Julian, it was really effective on my cousins >:D)

HEY I forgot to mention, I played in the Under 19's(NOT 16's, and I'm not even 16 yet) girls knockout indoor soccer comp on Wednesday and for a team who only just met each other the lunchtime on Tuesday for half an hour, we did ok... I mean SERIOUSLY, I knew like, 4/7 of the girls (not including myself) we've never played a game of soccer together ever, let alone as a professional team, most us us hadn't played for a few years either... Well... We made it to the Semi-finals :D LOL We also were forced to wear smelly S.S.Lazio jersies >.< Yuuuuk unclean!!

Newtown 0-0
Domremy Forfeited (we won)
Concord 0-3 (they were so FAST!)

Semi- Burwood 6-0 (they weren't hard, but Our GK was sick and kinda blacked out and got bashed around so I think there was an UNFAIR few goals scored there, and one of our forward/strikers was injured)

Also the ref didn’t give us a time out to put hairspray on out shoes, as a result we were slipping everywhere, costing us goals and defensive manoeuvres :@

I was a defender/midfielder (so much RUNNING and I have a cold...damn ERIC)

Mon 26/Jan/04

PS: I fixed up a
little something to make things easier.. I hope ^_^

Short rant for Australia Day YAY! I went n saw underworld, cool movie, 'course I laughed all the way thru it LOZL!!! I mean c'mon, Celyne pulled that FF8 "Odin-slash" Move on Victor... It was hilarious :3 I'm evil... >:D

I don't really have a New Years resolution I guess... :P I haven’t been bothered to make one up, last years was exercise, and I did, until July, then I just found too many excuses not to, I mean if I'm giving myself excuses not to get fit... what can I do??? ... I wanna see LP live... lol that’s my resolution ^~

Sun 25/1/04

Long time between rants, yes... Holidays are a relaxing time :) but the funs almost over, year 11 begins on the 28th :P

RiNo4 says:
I'm out of control, ignore me unless you know about it...

I was bored lastnight and did a colour version of Cathy and Bob under different circumstances :P LOL anniversary picture >:D (from my 24-hour comic challenge)

RiNo4 says:
Squall can go jump...

The Cat Empire are a snazzy Jazz band from Melbourne, and as much as I hate jazz and Melbourne, these guys are excellent, really happy feel good music, just what I'd want to listen to down at the Rocks during the Australia day festivals :)

I'll be chucking some lyrics in too, they're pretty funny and have a carefree, yet meaningful emotion weaved into them :P

RiNo4 says:
My Immortal / Points of Authority / P5hing Me A*wy / From the Inside / Everybody's fool ... Some lyrics that you deserve screamed in your face...

I spent all of my game money on new CDs LoZL me=psycho, I managed to nab a copy of Live in Texas-Linkin Park FINALLY after like 50 stores sold out! Lucky Sanity had it... I swear I have the last copy in Sydney :P Fallen-Evanescence, The Cat Empire-Self titled, Darude - Before the Storm and Rush :P Obsession 1800-Darude >:D and I want to still nab HRD NRG anthems.

Dark Heart Storyline is slowly progressing, I wrote another chapter, scribbled in my sheet paper and, I think it needs some serious editing, it wanders of the track a bit, but I was having fun with the adjectives :) I like finding new words.... like Ennui... that's a mad word to use to confuse your friends ;)

I'm going to go see Underworld on Monday... funtimes, I hope stuffs open cuz you know... Australia Day :P

RiNo4 Screams: HIT THE FLOOR

Still need the FTP, but I'm having Antivirus probs atm, so I can't use it anyway :(

thur 25/12/03

I wish
They'd ask me already...geeze...so what I'd still play for a men's team ;) ... hoooooooooottttt......... *drools at teammates and opposition during game*

Merry Christmas ... I still need to get that damn FTP for darkheart *growls*

Would anyone mind giving me a nice picture of Squall's griever necklace, I wanna draw it but every pic I find is too small, covered in spots or something (tried ripping it off media player, but it doesn’t work ><;)


I went to hang with friends today at Burwood Westfield and got stood up damn it :( they could have called to say the wouldn't make it... All i got was everyone's answering service...

They're still at it, I said many times already, I wanna play for Milan :)

tue 2/12/03
HEY! I got FFTA and that’s keeping me kinda occupied ^_^;

Other than that, BeyBlades V force, WTF Zio taking Dranzer... Can't ANYONE in ANY damn anime just for Gawd's sake have a freaken PUNCH UP! Seriously, if someone was coming to destroy YOUR Beyblade, wouldn't you 1) pick it up off the ground so they can't touch it 2) walk away or 3) BEAT THE LIVING SNOT OUTTA THEM!?!?!

I got my SC results back too!!!

Band 6
English 91
Geography 93 (my teacher rung me at home... I'm scared)

Band 5
History 84

Band 4 (average-ish)
Math 73
Science 79

Tue 2/12/03

Organising the Fanart...

Some one... help.... I'm being productive... and it's killing me!!!!


Arts Angel: Support Australian Art Talent:

19 wed 11 2003

I'LL PLAY!!! Geeze...They've given women a bad name in soccer...

Tue 11/11/03 I'm STILL a hyper fox!


I didn't leave any early except the citizenship and civics test (the last test today) cuz I did the geography section first, wasted my first hour on that and managed to finish history with half an hour to go, Denny and I left at the same time LOL I was so BLOODY BORED!! ^_^ *failed* LOL any money I failed math and science :)

I was really surprised at the number of people who left after the first compulsory hour (you can leave after 1 hour but not 15 minutes before the end of the test...weird...)what's really dumb is that most of the people who left are going to tafe or work... for them, the SC is like their HSC..... so... that would be really stupid to flunk the SC cuz for them it's like flunking the HSC... do they not like, see that??? *scratches head* *shrugs*

I hope I pass... I really don't care as long as I pass, but I really want to get high in English, I wanna see what I come in the state :) ......200000th >:P

Remembrance Day 11/11/1918(end WW1, start 1914) :P not in the test actually.... it was in the half-yearly not SC....hmmmmm.... nothing on Whitlam, general stuff on Aboriginals and Migrants (didn't study) I haven't done any work in history for months, I just happened to read a snip on women's liberation lastnight before watching South park (My kisses taste like taccos! JENIFER LOPEZ [heeeeeenifer] LOL that was gross...) I think the most straining question they would have asked was on the Vietnam war source (didn't study) and Federation 1901 (knows off by heart by unwilling repetition for 4 years)

Damn.... *dances* *munches Macca's* hmfp... we can't sign out until 8th December, bummer...

fri 31 oct 03


I'm a hyper fox!

And I hope
this isn't a trick cuz it sounds AWESOME! I wanna play For AC Milan with the big boys... hehe.. It's been a dream of mine for a while and it might come true :) *dreamy*


If anyone is curious to the marks on those yearlies (Screams and hides SCHOOL CERTIFICATE IN 4 WEEKS! (Which Is The State Wide Exam From The Board Of Studies)

Scores just in - 23/10/03 (btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOK and MARK :P)
Well here we go.. some I haven't got back yet..

English:88%(Edward got like 87, I think I'm first in the class for once)
Science: 64%(class average was 60-70's excluding the 3 who got 80's ok? we're the A class too...)
Health:77% (not bad for no study and no paying attention... the A class got 80's [me is stuck in E])
Art Practical: N/A
VFA: 59% (pretty good without a book...it's above 20!)
Geography: 79% (Damn good for being one of the hardest tests, I ranked high... but died on the multiple choice 12/20)
History: 87% (Good for making most of it up, guessed well in the m.c 17/20)
Math: 66% (I mis-calculated the mark LOL, what does that say about me?? >.<;)
Commerce: 91% (UPSET I'm 1 mark down on half year, and Edward got 96% >.<)
Art Written:39/40!!! (for another stupid test I hated cuz I couldn't remember the stuff to make up...I almost passed out at that...

I'll be getting the others If not soon... on my report card *claws at eyes* Horrible marks........most of them...

Everyone’s Birthday I know of this month O.O (a lot)

Michael: 9th
Rabboni & my Dad: 15th
Alex "HI ALEX!!!!" : 16th
Claudia (my cuz): 22nd
Jok and Mark: 23rd
David....(between the 22nd and 25th I'm not exactly sure :P)
Marilena: 29th

That's still a lot of people hehe..

Tue 14/oct/2003

BATHURST 1000 5 TIMES IN A ROW!! Go Murphy! also setting a lap record of 2:06:8594 WHOOT!!
Greg Murphy and Rick Kelly may have been in the Kmart holden, and Mark Skaife came 8th in the HRT holden.. but holden still won! *cheers* Craig Lowends didn't do too bad with Glen Seaton, coming in second and Steven Ellery with Luke Youlden making the podium positions :) I do think Lowends was better off in HRT than with the Ford team, he got a lot more wins, but at least he's happy and starting to catch up with Skaife ^_~

A little snippet on that race, John Bowe was paired with that brat Brad Jones in the OzEmail car (I can't believe they sponsored him but knocked back my mum, and she asked first!), and the team wrote a sign telling him to stay in the car (the letters on the whiteboard "STAY IN THE CARJB" (J.B)weren't coloured in... the commentators joked about them sending him an E-mail to stay in the car (driver switches are compulsory in the race, each driver must have done a certain amount of time in the car something like 60% -40%) but as a lot of the OzEmail clients (including my mum) know is that OzEmail is suffering a lot of technical difficulty and down servers lately. LOL the joke was, he'd get it four days after the race had ended ^_^: LOL that's so lame yet amusing some how...
He was given the memo when he pulled in for a pit stop though :)

Well, to clear things up if you have no idea what this is...

Bathurst is an annual race around a legendary circuit called Mt Panorama [Located inland country New South Wales] (which is a real road up and down a mountain with vineyards and houses in the middle and a rest area at the top) it's a really tough endurance race that can average times of 5 hours to complete the 161 laps, with each V8 supercar capable of doing in excess of 300kmph (usually 290 is what they sit at, Murphy being able to break the lap average of 2:08-2:11 and the record he set of 2:07 previously this year was astounding, seconds are an eternity and the difference between a win and loss in this sport). The 40 or so drivers usually drive in their own cars around every other championship circuit (like Eastern Creek Raceway[Fairfield in NSW], Oran Park Raceway[Coberty in NSW], Philip Island [in Victoria] etc... (the Bathurst 1000 is usually just publicity but this year it actually was counted as a round with points!) but in this "enduro" the drivers pair up with some of the V8 Konica cars (supercar rejects ;P) so there are two drivers in each of the 40 cars. It's the same old "Holden vs Ford" and boy, does it get the fans revving... Bathurst usually has banner competitions too, the best ones win prizes, some of them are amazing art works!!! *sucks at drawing the cars right now...*
This year during the duration of a phone competition, the Holden (GM) fans outweigh the Ford fans... hehe.. the race is hosted exclusively in Australia and one round in New Zealand but there have been talks to whether the teams could afford to transport their cars and equipment and do a round in China. The V8's are however internationally broadcast now ^_^ hehe...

does all of that make any damn sense to what it's about? :P

On an off note, my mum was watching rage with me the other night and some old AC/DC songs were playing, she tried explaining to me that Agnus was their mascot..... kind of like Animal from the muppets... he did come with a leash and collar... and maybe a muzzle.. *ROTFL* well, I thought it was amusing...

Evil Kai
Friends? Family? You don’t need them! Why? Because
you're FREAKING EVIL! You're not just EVIL,
you're the baddest of the bad, worse of the
worst, and basically not even a mother could
love you. But hey you're so powerful and
mighty; you don’t have to be bothered to care.

Which Kai type are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

OH this was cute... :)
I'm evil Kai... >:D

wed 8 oct

Wow long time between updates, exams would be a player in that, then I went to the Central Coast for a week and now I'm back yay...

WHOOO AC BEAT INTER 1-3!! I wish I could watch that match.... *droolz*

The comic should be getting an update really soon, so keep Darkheart on the list of things to do folks :)

Beyblades Vforce... the voices are the same yet the art is totally turned on its head! It's not all bad I mean, majority of characters are looking damn fine (Tyson and Max now have a cool new look *dreamyness* but Tyson's and a few others eye colours are different *pouts*) The hugest downfall in the new art is the new look Ray and Kai :( *disapproving* the costumes are way cool, but in general the characters dont have the same charm *sighs* they gave Kai grey eyes man... they were BROWN, Ray's used to be a wicked Amber shade... Tyson's were also Brown.
Anyways, Tyson and Hilary look cute together, they should hook it up ^_~ though Hilary did think Kai was cute and yeah *giggles* ah well...

I think this may end the rant, and Minh thank you for throwing the coolest party ever, the BBQ with a 5 hour long waterfight, a day before compulsory water restrictions, J00 |)4 //\4//!!11 ^_______^;

mon 22 sep 2003

HEY!! Inzaghi got whiplashed from an Aussie Goal keeper! What the...?

Oh and I think this needs to be cleared up, the media made it sound like Sergio Ercolano was pushed, but it was disgusting :( ... Molto triste

Sooooooooo tired -_- Only had two tests... eight more to go baby :P English was ok, not too hard, Science was a killer *slits throat*
heh.. I took Eric's hat for luck, Marilena took his watch (English exam)he was so lucky... we almost took his underwear for the science test ^_^... ughhhh reviewing the test timetable...


English: 11:18am-1:18pm(S'ok)
Science: 1:52pm-3:27pm(KILLER!! Everything on the last two years and stuff I wasn't here for nnggg...)


Health: 9am-10:30am (I know nothing -_-;)
Art Practical: 11:07am (I really wanna swap with Denny for an 11:57am! man, I think Maria is the only person with her Major work finished ARGH! *pulls out hair*)
VFA: 1:40pm-2:40pm (I also have no idea and I HAVE NO BOOK! *begging Ed to let her study buddy* OMG I can't believe I've lost my VFA DIARY!! *coughs* I bet someone stole it while I was on holiday...)


Geography: 9:50am-10:50am (Uggggggg...killer... damn skills tests >.<)
History: 11:15am-12:15pm (actually being part of the Citizenship and Civics course, these two tests are one large 2 hour paper -_-;;; GAWD Killer......)


Maths: 11am-1pm (on everything from the last 2 years... KILLER!)


Commerce: 11am-1pm (they like that time slot... *rolls eyes* ah well.. two extra hours off school, just be there 15 minutes before the test)
Art Written: 1:45pm-3:20pm (OMG this is going to be the first time I think I'll fail art for real, It's not ON artists and technique but on ART PROGRESSION... basically stuff I wasn't here for >.<)

Ngh... Good luck to anyone doing the same kinda SC and HSC crap we're all preparing for now eh? Just keep thinking about FORMAL kids! :D November 23rd Dockside I really hope we get funds up I wanna get a purtty dress made ^_____^ *twirls*
Bella fortuna :)

fri 19 september


Ya scurvey land lovin yellah belly slugs...

...In memory of Slim Dusy... may his country music live on for ever... :'( first Possume Bourne now Dusty...

Wed 10 Sep

Hey hey I'm home yay... and I have a stack of work to do, I haven't been able to do a lot of it ugh... Too much party time :) Italy was awesome, I never wanted to leave, I was quite happy living with my Uncle's relatives, Roma or Calabria, where ever any of the following people are; Daniela, Salvatore, Marchello, Sarina, Martino, Alessandro, Augustino, Angelina or Phyllimena...I MISS THEM ALL SO MUCH T.T !!! *hugs her cousin's cousins'* LOL they aren't my blood relatives and I love them all so much!! They feel like immediate family... Italian's have that effect on you :) actually... they would be my.. 2nd cousins... wow hey!! YAY!!

mhmhhmmm... *hugs Mister Max burnt CD* That's thanks to Salvatore and Marchello, but surfing the net I only found half of Dj Lhasa's (with some other guy er..Gabry Ponte?) "Giulia" song and only lyrics to "Ti Penso Sempre" (Brusco) and "Gatto Matto" (Roberto Angelini) the only downloads I can find are complicated and in Italian which I don't really read that well. I know a bit but these aren't comprehendible [is Siciliana and can't understand Italian TV but understands everyone including Calabrasi fine] -_-; *sighs* with Mister Max [AHA SONO SICILIANO! MI CAPICHE! Damn he's rude, but he's funny..] it's the opposite, I can't find the lyrics to the songs but I can find little bits of the songs and some clips (well the dog [Il cagnolino] one off the official site anyway, that's funny...)


-7000 CAFFE'
-REMIX BESTIALE:(Il cagnolino, Simarik, La Bomba)

I have so much to say about Italy... I might even post up my mandatory diary entries I had to make for school, thought I wanted to do it anyway *grabs photos* hm.. I was so homesick on the plane back to Australia, I cried for Italy... :'( I fitted in there!!

I do know what DJ Lhasa is saying in Giulia in English and here they are for that stupid twit who I saw ask for them on some stupid site.. I mean, why would there be English lyrics if it's not IN English? >.< oh well... for anyone else who's interested in knowing what he's crying after Giulia about... that's a really mad song, I love it :)

Friday 12 September (yes, newer than that up there :P)

But I was craving ice cream and coffee, so I put ice cream in my coffee hoping it would be like caffe flavoured ice cream.... it just turned into vanilla flavoured coffee.. o.O... yeah ok.. I'm weird... at least I wasn't trying to get cacao flavoured ^_~ [for the ITALIANS who get that LOL]) mmm buono

SAT 2 AUG 2003
I only have
this to say...

Sunday 20 July 2003
Yes, Darkheart update today, but it's not updating for some reason o.O so go to
Blackdove instead (it's on the 3rd update and has the archive so it's less messing around anyway.) *so organised*

Has anyone who's played Pokemon Crystal version tried to change the time at 11:30 pm and had "Mom" tell you she lost the instruction booklet for the pokegear?? ..Man that was weird... it was like my Gameboy was telling me I was stupid and should be asleep ...heh... O.O;

I talked to Teddy lastnight for the first time since he left us to go to Thailand hehe, he was a little embarrassed by the "<(^_^<)~TeDDy FaN CluB~(>^_^)>" MSN nickname, seeing I was the only one with it online he couldn't see 6 other people had it not just me...(he thinks I'm in love with him now -_-; dammit Lam... it was HIS idea!)*sigh* It's all good...

ACK holidays are almost over and I haven't done like any work at all !!! 4 assignments, one's due in 2 days -_- and general homework... the next is due next week... and dammit, if I end up going to Italy... I can't go on the excursions! why August man? I have tests September!! *bangs head on the key board a few times*

Digimon Frontier (series four)

At first I was reluctant, the show was kooky, the Digi-destined kids were turning into the digimon... but now after quite a few eps, with the whole Takuya realising his self worth and Kouji/Beowulfmon and Kouichi/Duskmon thing finishing out they're brothers and stuff... it's really moving T_T *happy tears*

And for those like me, who have to watch the English dub and really liked that song that was in the place of "Broken Wings" - Kouichi's theme song but can't bloody find it!!! (Grr, funny how you can find the English translation for Broken Wings, but not the replacement song! I really want the Mp3 too..) I tried to type up the lyrics, but I had so many gaps in it -_-; but thanks to this Kouichi shrine the lot is complete.. with my interpretations as some difference ^_^;

Here they are

Sat 5 July
(Yay 15... proof of age to the 15+ movies here I come...
Eh, finished Harry Potter and the OoTP it was pretty good... interesting relations in that book but yes, very "Mary-Sue" in a way ...(
where's that link dammit...)

HEY! Darkheart is being launched on SUNDAY!..not Saturday cuz I got the dates wrong ^_^;;; eh..baka..its so colourful, no?

Tue 17 June 2003
Hey what the hell IS Pokemadness 3000? I haven't got the slightest clue *losty* LoZL

Mon 26/may/2003
(Hey, my updates might update once every few months but at least my updates are in the same YEAR! LoL)

NO, TEDDY, NO, HOW COULD YOU LEAVE US, WE LOVE YOU, WE MISS YOU!!! *cries* Poor, poor Teddy... what's with people these days, flying to other countries away from where they have really good, wonderful friends like us!

Just a few words.. I few little anime things that I've been thinking about..Mostly Yu-Gi-Oh! orientated lol..

My dog looks like a pokémon.

Why does Yugi wear a dog collar? And that hair...

Does anyone notice when Yugi does that whole "Yu-Gi-Oh!" thing?
Does he...? o_O;

If there were only 4 blue eyed white dragon cards, Seto Kaiba had 3 and ripped up Yugi’s... how does Pegasus have a copy of all the cards?

HAHAHA I’ve just been watching the weirdest, quirkiest DBZ that I’ve seen for some time... Does anyone know that episode when Vegitto splits back into Vegeta and Gokou and they’re lost inside Majin Buu, that’s a crack up. XD hahaha.... *sigh*

Have YOU met the GREEN FISH?!

Sunday 20 April 2003
Quickest of notes, yay I got GBA SP *happy*

[mmm Vegeta...
deranged...psycotic...SSJ Majin Vegeta *droolz*]
I like the one I did in pencil colour better than the tablet coloured... I don't know how the colours turn out for you people because my screen resolution is some how drastically different to everyone elses...

Pokemon link may return *UM-ing and AR-ing* let's see if I get time... or why not just rotating anime page? mmmm Cardcaptors... DBZ...

Cursed Moons very nice...

Just been reading a bit of a fanfiction that started off with Rufus Shinra and Cloud Strife being brothers of all things! I thought it was quite intriguing and thought to myself... "That may just be plausible, Cloud has no father we know of, Rufus has no mother we know of. Cloud has blonde hair and blue (even if mako induced) eyes and Rufus has somewhat blonde hair and blue eyes. Cloud has a foggy past and we know little about Rufus’ past only that he was probably mistreated or neglected by President Shinra.
Hmmm *contemplating
At least Scarlet’s still a ho hahaha... Scarlet’s always a ho :P WHORE!

It has taken me atleast 4 bloody attempts to get this page to update, that means typing up the drop down and the column properties and the snow and everything else that’s new 4 TIMES!
Make that 7! *grinds teeth*

Kelly's Arcana has been put back onto http://www.arcana.keenspace.com because of some bandwidth issues. Peace out, the world makes sense again :)

Here's the board, have fun, knock yourselves out,
Lurv Rosy ~~~oo~~~

Sailor Moon

Teddy's Gundam

More Misc Fanart

Some stuff about me and my friends.

The Highway Man
My contribution to the thread
I coloured this over a few weeks so the first two panels look different to the last ones because I forgot what my settings were, so by the time I made up new ones, I couldn't be bothered to re do the others ^^;

YAY! I’m Kisoka in Kelly’s comic!

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