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My Chocobo


Name: Star
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Speed: 162
Stamina: 596
Very picky about who her rider is, she is a prize winning chocobo in the S class but has tendency to throw unfamiliar riders.
Background: Star is my best racing chocobo, the fastest, the strongest and the only Gold in my stables.
She loves the sylkis greens the best, but what high strung, gold, racing chocobo doesn’t?
Other stable mates: Rufus; Yellow [m] is a wonderful
Silver; Blue [f]
Jade; Green [m] is a dasher
Carla; Black [f]
Storm; Black [m] is the smartest
Colour: Gold
Eye colour: aqua
Height: 5 ft 2 in
Weight: 105 lbs
Wingspan: 3.6 metres
General appearance:
A tall, thin, Gold chocobo with the aura tinge of sparkling gold on the edges when the sun hits it a certain way.
Habits: loves to run around for long periods of time across flat land and water.
Favourite food:Sylkis greens (the most expensive duh)
Current Owner: Rosette Walsh

As you may have guessed that was my chocobo, now aren't Reno and Rufus the two cutest guys in FF7!!^_~ Check out the fanart for some fics me and Stacey did, and of course the ones that have been submitted! Ohhh the fan-fic page is one of the best on this site, drop by there sometime, there might be some progress on getting Rufus to give Reno back his sun glasses in exchange for his shotgun, *sigh* we can hope...

If you're looking for a chocobo breeding guide, I'll try to get one up shortly, but you can e-mail me if you want one right away


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