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(I'm now currently MSTing the FF9 script so stay tunned! I'm Just starting today and hope to have finished the first section by the end of May! 26/4/02)

Yeah, I just finished the first part of the MSting...well, half-finished, I don't get that much time to do this, plus I gotta be in the mood to make fun of people ^_^;
Here it is.... FF9 MSting Part 1

"Yay! My fanfics page. Now, these fanfics come with M warnings for some reasons^_^
Go ahead you've been warned about the content...WHAT THE? Carla!!"
*Carla and Rufus come in together kissing*
Rosette: "CARLA! get back to work on the fan art site pronto!"
Carla: "Ah! Oops, sorry *blushing*(to Rufus with a cheezy grin) See ya tonite then"
Rufus: "I'll be waiting in my office. Ah *looking embarassed* I'll just be going..."
Rosette: "Where do you think you're going Rufus Shinra! *pulling him by the ear**sits him down at a dest piled high with papers* You are NOT to move from this spot untill these have all been sorted" *points to papers*
Rufus: *gets out hair gel and starts re-doing his hair**Rosette glares at him* "You messed up my hair, I'd have you executed but I'm busy at the moment, consider yourself lucky!"
Rosette: "I'll consider myself lucky after you've finished those papers. Those are all our fan fics and fan arts' and we need them right away to start posting them up. Carla needs the work to keep her out of trouble."*grumbles off to find Reno*
Rufus: *checks to make sure Rosette's gone* "Lousy b*tch I'l show her who's the boss around here!"
Rosette: *jumps back around the corner, Rufus jumps* "I forgot to give you this, half your paycheck, you'll get the other half after you've fininshed those papers." *hands him a cheque for $50,000* "Oh, by the way, just remember this lousy b*tch is paying you good money to do work, NOT to fool around with that Turk girl..."
This isn't one of our fanfics, Uh but I'd better be checking on Reno, when Rufus has finished sorting we promise we'll have some good juicy stuff!
Add sumwhere else...
*Rosette hears a noise behind her*
*Reno is on his knees in front of Carla saying something Rosette can't hear*
Reno: "What do you mean you're over me!! No girl dumps Reno, I'm da bomb!"
Carla: "Reno get over it! Rufus has way more money than you, not to mention he's clean, well groomed, a public model, an idol, he's well known and..."
Reno: "HE'S MY BOSS!" *Reno grabs hold of Carla's leg and she desparatly tries to shake him off*
Carla: "Anyway, I wouldn't have been able to get over you if it wasn't for that ToM post where Zep skewers you. That was tragic, but I've learned to live without you and, I have...dificulty trying to love you when you're...dead"
Reno: "But that was made up for the list story!! I'm not really dead and you know that so why don't you love me?!"
Carla: "Well, I've got to preserve, I couldn't shead those tears at your's and Reeve's funeral if I belived you were alive and ready to makeout after the scene was fininshed. Sorry, I, it, just helped me cope with it."
Reno: "BUT I'M NOT DEAD...."
Rosette: "(to herself) "That is so pitifull, it brings a tear to the eye, Reno getting dumped. (to Carla and Reno) C'mon you two, stop breaking up and start working. Carla, when Rufus finally gets those papers sorted you'll start posting them up here, got it? Reno come with me I have a job for you too. You get to work around on all the loose jobs like on my chocobo, you get to feed him. Just don't try to ride him again you know what happened last time^_~"
*Reno rubs his ass with a pained look on his face*
Reno: "How could I forget. Ahh, what about my sunglasses?"
Rosette:(thru gritted teeth) "What about your sunglasses?"
Reno:(noticing his grinding Rosette's nerves) "Rufus still has them, oh no, what if he breaks them?! Those are my Turk shades man!"
Rosette: "Gimme his shotgun and I'll go get your shades, deal?"
*Reno sighs in defeat*
Reno: "Fine, here"*hands over the gun*
Rosette: "Thank you, I'll be right back" *looks around the corner to the sorting room* "uh, he's gone *growls* I bet he's on a break already..." *goes to find Rufus, shotgun propped up on her shoulder like a trooper and sets off*