Behold my museum of oddities.....otherwise known as picture galleries
of my pals from around the world and in my sock drawer.

I want to ogle at Chicago Freaks!
Oh hell, just show me more freaks already!
Ick! No more...I'm going HOME.

Cleveland Freaks

These are all the people that we've hung out with when we're in town.


Here's Kelly, looking for trouble. Maybe She's looking for more glitter. Or maybe she's looking for her box. Will we ever know?

Ginger and Ken

Ginger has quite a collection of lacey things. In fact, she has quite a collection of collections. Note Ken, the vampire who thinks he is a priest, looming in the foreground.


We let him live.
He amuses us.

Ginger's Mike

Here's Mike, who looks like he's ready to advertise for Dianna's.

Mike and Diane

Mikey and Di at a night of Gothic bowling. Perhaps next they will try Gothic air hockey, or Gothic ostrich racing. Or maybe they'll just eat cheesy poofs.
Uncle Doug
Look! It's Peter Murphy! No...wait, maybe it's Sascha from KMFDM!, that's just a really shiny Doug. He's my favorite crusty old schooler. :)
Isn't he lovable? Don't you just want to take him home in a cardboard box with holes in
the sides and feed him spaghettios? I sure do. :)
The Cheese Whore
Small white men with feet find her attractive. She also enjoys the company of slugs. She now owns her own store in the madsion shopping district!
He makes us all feel horribly sunburnt. Here he is trying to give cheerleaders a good name. Want to see more of Chad? Shop at Chad Link Addiction!
Our local electro god and purveyor of kewl tunes, he is responsible for Darkfield Imagery - 2 hours of college radio goodness. While he dressed suspiciously like some kind of electro mardi gras crime fighter, it's just his gear for a fetish event.

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