This is the page dedicated to all the wonderful people I call my friends. I'm not really sure what I'm gonna be putting up here, it's really gonna be a "go as with the flow" type thing. Eventually, I want each of them to have their own page, with whatever they want on it... but for now, I really don't have the willpower to do that *grin* so maybe later..

[Romi and Mal][Kelly and Lily][Krissy]

This is Marilyn and Romina. In this picture here, they're all dressed up for the Semiformal at our school... Meanwhile, I was having fun in New York^_^ I love Romi and Mal. They're best friends, and they're always fighting, lol. No, I'm not kidding^_^ But thats okay, thats what makes them so ahh...unique.

It's really sad how much time I spend at Romi's house, it's gotten to the point where I call them my "weekend family." My mom doesn't even complain about driving me halfway to east-bumfuck anymore! Heehee, yeah...

Mal is my day it was raining really hard, and I was like "Hey! Lets go play outside!" So we ran around outside the Morans house..then Mal was like "Lets go to Brian Jones house!" So we set the pouring rain..and after thinking we were lost..then realizing we weren't, we arrived there..stood around for a minute, then walked back to the Morans. So we were stuck on the porch for a while, 'cause we were so wet.. but thats okay, 'cause it was fun! I heart Marilyn!

These are my hoes.. I mean.. my friends, Kelly and Lily ^_~ I've only just recently become friends with them, but that doesn't make me love them any less! This is them at the Semi, looking nice and sexy for the camera *grin*

How did I meet Kelly? dang, um.. I think it was when Joe was going out with her, but even after they broke up, I still love her^_^ she's on the dance team, and everyones told me that she's got major talent. Did I mention that I love Kelly? lol..heehee

LILY!! What can I say about my pal Lily? Her family and mine go way back. Her sister Shirley is friends with my brother and sister (and me.) I only started really being friends this year, but I love her. We used to sit in the art gallery and talk the entire lunch period about seriously like, everything. Lily's great..she's just got so much spunk, and I know I can tell her anything^_^

This is Kristen. Isn't she just sexy? mreow.. I've been friends with Krissy for-ever..well no, not really. A few years^_^ but whats the dif? *glare* Don't even dare

Seriously, though. Krissy is great. I mean, she has all this money from standing on street corners every night.. I mean.. umm.. "working at Stop&Shop" and she doesn't even spend it (on stuff that can legally be mentioned on this webpage..) ano.. I think I hear her coming to kill me now ^_^;;

Krissy is my sailing buddy.. or rather, was..Whitey decided that it wasn't safe letting us sail together, since all we talked about was "that philosophy and theology crap and not about boys," and we were a menace to society and all..whatever! Whitey is crazy.. he likes to pat girls heads, ne Krissy? hehe..

Now I know it may sound like all I do is make fun of Kristen..and thats all I really do, but I don't really mean it (not.) I mean, she's a nice, friendly, skanky.. I mean, wholesome..girl..heehee

Now minna, don't be offended if you're not up here yet.. I only have so many pictures, and they're freaking like, all of the same people If you think I plan on putting you up there, send me a picture of you, and if I like it I'll use it^_^

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