Listen well, my children, for this is a frightening tale, indeed.. and I wish not to give you nightmares....One day Liz, Greg, Christina, Romina, and That-Girl-No-One-Likes (oops.. I mean.. Kristen.. silly me ^_~) went skating at Ye Olde Frog Pond located in the fair city of Boston (where the pigeons are domesticated.) Miraculously, no one was killed...that we know of *wink*

      It was a fun day, indeed.. although there were a few slips..

      The innocent children (*snort*) managed to scare the crap out of some tourists (always a fun thing to do) by asking them to take a picture of them. The tourists, actualy aliens from the planet Lkljsiudrkji (pronounced "Lkljsiudrkji") did not want the earth children to discover their hidden identity, so they took the damned picture.

      Not too long after the picture was taken, the green-haired girl forgot what the hell they did that day. Happens all the time. So that the aliens from Lkljsiudrkji don't come and give her any type of creepy probes (It's bad enough having to spend time with That-Girl-No-One--dammit, Kristen.. ^_^;; their representative in the fair {*snort*} city of Quincy) she's just going to put up some pictures, then smile and nod.

Greg~Greg..doing something.. I don't know..
Greg~once again..doing something.. I dunno.. trying to be a ballerina? *snicker*
Greg~yet again..He wants to grow up to be that uh.. figure skating guy.. Sergeii wutever?
Romina!~A very kodak-momenty picture of Romi while she was skating
Greg~doing an impression of a zombie..don't quit your day job *grin*
Greg and Romi~am I sensing a pattern? YES INDEEDY! Greg and Romi skating in circles
Everyone~Dunno what we were doing.. probably making fun of Kristen
Everyone~The shiny happy picture! Otherwise known as "Where did Kristen's ass go?"
Kristen and Romi~aaww.. another Kodak moment.. dammit Romi, why didn't you take her down? I mean..uhh..uhh.. I think I hear my mommy calling...